DraughtMaster - A revolution in dispensing draught beer

Drink Warehouse are proud to offer DraughtMaster, a revolutionary new way to deliver draught beer that keeps it pure and fresh, from brewery to glass.

What is DraughtMaster?
DraughtMaster is the biggest innovation to happen to draught beer in 50 years. The system keeps beer sealed-in and untouched from the brewery to the moment it comes out of the tap.

Nothing comes into contact with the beer, keeping it perfectly fresh for 6x longer than the old steel keg system.

How does it work?
DraughtMaster uses an innovative way of dispensing draught beer, which is connected to your existing beer lines, beer cooler and beer tap:

Compressed air is pumped into the pressure chamber. Nothing comes into contact with the beer, keeping it pure. By not adding CO2, your costs are reduced, there is less maintenance and you get a consistently good beer.

The keg is squeezed and fresh beer is pressed out. Freshness is increased from 7 days maximum for steel kegs to a minimum of 31 days with DraughtMaster’s closed system.

Beer is pushed through the tap to create the perfect beer. Flexible, semi-automatic line cleaning and one-way kegs keep things fresh and simple.

Why have DraughtMaster?
The new DraughtMaster system offers a range of benefits that all other draught beer dispense systems cannot:

Better returns. With less chance of beer going to waste, you can offer a greater variety of beers – and refresh your returns too.

Lasting quality. Whilst beer in steel kegs can go off after 7 days, the sealed-in system of DraughtMaster means beer stays consistently fresh for at least 31 days.

Greater variety. With our beer staying fresher for 6x longer than standard, you can offer customers a wider choice of beers on tap, without the worry of it going to waste.

Greener future. Market data shows that our lighter PET kegs have a smaller carbon footprint, producing less CO2 than glass bottles or steel kegs.

Refreshed service. With less need for technical support, our new Service Program can help you focus on improving the whole draught beer experience and your business.

More beer, more space, more time. Our lighter kegs free up storage space and time that’s usually spent cleaning lines and managing CO2 levels.