Predicting the up-coming year

Nobody can predict the future, but we’ve got some ideas…

Every year, a new drink trends will present itself. Last year, it was all about Gin, Craft Beer & Cocktails. 2018 is set to bring with it a whole new wave of exciting beverages to look forward to.

All About The Gains

In the last year being fit & healthy has been more popular than ever, which means our first prediction for 2018 will be protein & health kickers will be in more beverages! From posh-shakes to even possibly cocktails. Time to give those gym loves a after workout boost!

‘Ooh What’s That Flavour, Tell Me What’s That Flavour

Flavours we feel are going to be B-I-G this year are Veggie & Herbaceous. Drinks are becoming more creative by the minute so don’t be suprised when you see lavender, elderflower, thyme & even spices on drinks menus!

Premium Softs To Sky Rocket

When we go for dinner or even out for drinks, we don’t always want something alcoholic but we don’t want the average tap water or fizzy pop. Why not give your customers something a bit more exciting & get some premium soft drinks to freshen their palate and let them enjoy a flavoursome drink without the booze! We believe this trend will give premium softs a boost and they will skyrocket in the coming months.

Say No To Beige!

Make your drinks stand out, beige isn’t going to cut it anymore. Especially in this era of making food & drink as Instagrammable as possible.

The Rum Revolution

Over the past 2 years we have seen a large growth in the sales of Gin. Drink Warehouse UK think that Gin might need to take the back seat, as this year Rum is set to take the steering wheel to become 1st in the spirit trade. I mean who doesn’t love a good Dark ‘n’ Stormy?