The Caffe Praego Story

Caffe Praego Coffee Company was set up in 2010 with the express desire to be able to personally source fully washed green bean direct from the growers, then ship to the UK to finely roast, blend & then supply our customers with the very highest quality coffee beans for their machines.

Aside from quality, ethical sourcing & Fair Pricing, our biggest aim was to work as closely as we could with the farmers and to then be able to “put back” with a certain amount of financial funding. We hoped this would improve the lives of their families and communities through a range of educational projects, which would ultimately be of benefit to them. With this in mind we agreed a return of £3 for every case sold, which we would then allocate to specific projects that we and our customers could choose and have control over.

We decided to focus our coffee sourcing primarily from Rwanda, as they produce superb Arabica cherries throughout a long harvest from March to June, with the majority of the coffee trees grown at high altitude & on rich, fertile, volcanic soil.

We first travelled to Rwanda in 2007 and initially visited a number of coffee growers, before choosing the northern region next to Lake Kivu. Since this time, we have built very close relationships initially with Ingoboka Co-operative and now source from a further five co-operatives located in the south, central and northern sectors surrounding Lake Kivu.

We needed a partner on the ground to manage our funding & chose the Point Foundation, who already had extensive experience in Rwanda and were represented in the country. Today they manage our projects and we visit at least once a year to check and see for ourselves the progress for each programme.

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