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Published on June 11th, 2024. 

Pints with Pops

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Venue the Ultimate Dad Destination

Restaurants and dining spots meticulously plan their holiday schedules, not just for organizational purposes but also to boost their sales. When we think of major holidays, Christmas, New Year, Easter, and Mother’s Day immediately spring to mind. However, one deserving occasion often overlooked is Father’s Day.


Observed on the third Sunday of June, Father’s Day holds significant sentimental value for families worldwide. Like Mother’s Day, it ignites enthusiasm among both children and adults. People eagerly dine out, host feasts at home, and engage in various celebratory activities to honour their dads, uncles, grandfathers, and fathers-in-law.


Restaurants, pubs, and eateries can capitalize on Father’s Day by incorporating savvy marketing strategies tailored to the summer season, potentially yielding substantial profits. Including Father’s Day in the festival marketing calendar is imperative for any establishment looking to thrive.

Connect with Sports

June is synonymous with sports excitement, and many fathers are passionate fans of various sports. Hosting a sports event screening on Father’s Day, accompanied by exclusive discounts on drinks and food, is a winning strategy for both revenue and marketing.

Moreover, for restaurants located in towns with a local team in sports like football, featuring a screening of their hometown team adds an extra layer of appeal. This combination of sports entertainment and special offerings creates an irresistible draw for patrons, ensuring a memorable and profitable Father’s Day celebration.


Special Grandfather Promotions

Grandfathers are an often overlooked but vital part of the family dynamic, so why not make them feel truly appreciated at your establishment? Stand out from the crowd by offering exclusive discounts or provide a complimentary main course for every attending Father, or even feature images of extended families in your marketing materials.

By acknowledging and celebrating grandfathers, you not only demonstrate inclusivity but also tap into a valuable demographic. Grandfathers are often accompanied by their children and grandchildren, presenting a significant opportunity to increase revenue on Father’s Day. By prioritizing their presence and catering to their needs, your venue can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for the entire family while boosting business success.


Beer Cocktail Brunch

While cocktails are universally enjoyed regardless of gender, why not seize the opportunity to offer something truly unique and memorable? Set your business apart by featuring a curated selection of specialty drinks like Micheladas and Black Velvets. Pair these with classic Dad Food Favourites and set the ambiance with bluesy background music, and you’ve created a brunch experience that families will be eager to attend.

Playlist Picks

Businesses aiming to celebrate Father’s Day in a unique and engaging manner can seize the opportunity to spotlight dads through music. Often relegated to the background as their children dictate the playlist, fathers deserve their moment in the limelight.

By running a social media campaign inviting dads to submit their favourite playlist picks for Father’s Day background music, businesses can foster a sense of inclusivity and appreciation.

This approach not only cultivates a non-salesy connection with the audience but also serves as a platform to subtly highlight other Father’s Day promotions.


Partner with a Charity

Collaborating with a charity to offer customers an opportunity to give back to the community while enjoying a Father’s Day brunch is a strategic move that not only demonstrates appreciation for the local community but also attracts new diners to your restaurant.

By partnering with a charity, you’re not only fostering goodwill but also providing a meaningful way for patrons to contribute to important causes. This initiative not only enhances your restaurant’s reputation as a socially responsible establishment but also creates a unique dining experience that resonates with customers on a deeper level. Additionally, it’s an excellent opportunity to showcase your restaurant to individuals who may not have been familiar with your establishment previously, thereby expanding your customer base while making a positive impact on the community.

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