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Published on April 30th, 2024. 

Why Ready To Drink Cocktails Are Essential on Your Drink Menu

Adding ready to drink cocktails to your business has many benefits.

An extensive variety of cocktails, distinguished by diverse flavours, sizes, and presentations, constitutes a popular and opulent addition to beverage menus. While the allure of cocktails is undeniable, their inherent expense and the substantial time and skill required for preparation may render them impractical for certain establishments. Enter the solution: ready to drink cocktails.


The strategic incorporation of cocktails into your business offerings offers multifaceted advantages. Below, we outline compelling reasons why the inclusion of ready to drink cocktails is a judicious choice for your beverage menu.



Diversifies Your Range of Products

Embracing diversity in your offerings is a hallmark of customer satisfaction. However, as a business owner, the incorporation of varied choices into your menu may pose financial considerations.


Nevertheless, cocktails stand out as a highly favoured product with broad appeal. Recognizing that customers often seek unique and distinct beverage options, it’s essential to note that the “ready to drink” concept doesn’t limit the presentation.


Instead, businesses have the flexibility to elevate the drinking experience by selecting how they serve these products. By adding thoughtful garnishes, establishments can infuse a sense of decadence, ensuring that even pre-prepared cocktails maintain an elevated and customised touch for discerning patrons.

Eliminates the need for mixing and measuring 

The preparation of cocktails entails a comprehensive process that demands both time and a nuanced understanding of mixology. Ready-to-Drink beverages alleviate these complexities, eliminating concerns associated with the need for meticulous ingredient recall and precise measurements.


With RTDs, there is no reliance on individuals to consistently reproduce the same quality of drinks with each pour. This standardised and simplified approach ensures that anyone can proficiently serve a delectable cocktail swiftly, thereby expediting the service process.


Streamlines your shopping 

Crafting a classic cocktail typically involves sourcing multiple bottles of various alcohols and mixers. Consider the Espresso Martini, requiring vodka, vanilla, coffee liqueur, and espresso. In contrast, RTD options consolidate all these components into a single, convenient package.

This consolidation not only translates to cost savings but also to storage space.  

Cocktails serve as effective advertising tools

Cocktails epitomise a sense of luxury, offering customers not just a beverage, but an experience. Integrating a selection of well-crafted cocktails into your drink menu serves as a compelling draw for customers, enticing them to your establishment. The visually appealing glassware and vibrant colours displayed in your venue, or on your patio, serve as eye-catching elements, further enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your venue to passersby.


Beyond the physical allure, cocktails hold substantial Instagram appeal, making them a popular subject for sharing on social media platforms. This aspect not only contributes to the overall engagement with your audience but also serves as a valuable promotional tool. The more customers that share images of your cocktails, the wider the audience exposed to your business’s offerings, effectively leveraging the visual allure of cocktails for increased visibility and patronage.


Ready to drink cocktails yield significant profit margins

The final and, perhaps, most significant point is the profit potential with cocktails. Their complexity, along with the use of larger glasses filled with ice, allows for pricing at a premium compared to sodas or beers. The same applies to mocktails, making them an ideal option for customers who need to drive or prefer non-alcoholic beverages.


Ready-to-drink cocktails provide a simple way to boost sales per table without compromising service quality. It’s a smart addition that allows businesses to benefit financially from premium drinks while still delivering an excellent customer experience.



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