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Published on June 27th, 2024. 

Serve Better with Heineken SmartDispense

Cutting-edge dispense technology

HEINEKEN SmartDispense is the lifeblood of any bar, offering a remarkable array of cutting-edge draught dispense solutions tailored to fit your bar’s unique needs. As a SmartDispense customer, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive package of benefits designed to help your business thrive. Unsure which option is best for you? Simply use the SmartSelector button from Heineken to find the perfect fit effortlessly.



Advanced Technology for Every Bar

From the smallest to the largest outlet, SmartDispense provides all the equipment needed to serve perfectly poured, refreshingly cold draught beers and ciders every time. Whether the establishment has a traditional cellar or not, SmartDispense offers the ideal system to meet its needs.


All SmartDispense solutions are designed to ensure customers receive perfect draught beers and ciders, consistently delivered at an optimal temperature of 3ºC or less. The SmartDispense range accommodates everything from vast multi-tap bars with extensive chilled cellars to the smallest outlets with just counter-top space. The systems are versatile enough to suit outdoor spaces and even pop-up venues.


Whatever the need, SmartDispense guarantees perfectly poured pints every time.

Cellar Systems

A chilled cellar is a valuable asset for any bar, especially when configured correctly to optimize dispense operations. SmartDispense cellar-based systems are designed with your needs in mind, ensuring easy keg changes, extended cleaning cycles performed by expert technicians, and significant reductions in beer, water, cleaning chemicals, and CO² wastage.


These systems are compatible with larger capacity steel returnable kegs, minimizing keg changes, particularly during peak times. Best of all, Heineken can specify a system that delivers perfectly served beers and ciders, regardless of the number of taps in your outlet.


There are four cellar systems: CellarPro for bars with unlimited taps, CellarProCF for bars with up to four taps, Cellar Manager as an optional extra to further reduce energy consumption and costs, and Remote Manager, a new technology to help reduce cooler energy costs.



Non-Cellar Systems

With HEINEKEN SmartDispense, there is a full range of professional systems for outlets that do not have a cellar. They offer solutions for everything, from remote keg storage to under-bar solutions and free-standing and counter-top units, making it possible to serve top-quality draught beers and ciders anywhere there is a plug point.


There are four Non-Cellar systems: BarPro, a single tap, self-contained unit; BarPro XL, a two-tap version; BarPro CF, accommodating up to four taps for bars without a cellar; and Blade, a serve-anywhere counter-top unit.


As a SmartDispense customer, you will receive a comprehensive servicing and support package tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your SmartDispense equipment remains in top condition and guaranteeing the quality of every pint you serve.


The package includes:

Line Cleaning: A service visit every 6 or 12 weeks by a trained service engineer.

System Check: A thorough system check at each service visit.

Glassware: Inspection of glassware and glass washers for cleanliness and quality.

Perfect Pour Training: Online, routine, and bespoke training options available.

Quality Report: A detailed report produced at each visit, showing all procedures completed and areas for improvement.


Additionally, if there is ever a problem, assistance is just a call away. Many common issues can even be diagnosed remotely, allowing for quick and efficient troubleshooting.

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