Westerham Audit Ale 12x500ml

Westerham's multi award-winning strong ale, a complex richly flavoured beer. Sweet molasses and dark fruit give way to a complex bitter finish.

Westerham British Bulldog 12x500ml

A classic pale ale, the stalwart heart of our cask range. A balanced amber bitter, tart fruit flavours with soft toffee notes and a long, gently bitte ...

Westerham Classic Range Mixed Case 12x500ml

A mixed case of 3 x Spirit of Kent, 3 x British Bulldog, 3 x Viceroy IPA & 3 x Grasshopper

Westerham Double Stout 12x500ml

A well rounded dark ale with roasted chocolate and coffee flavours on the palate.

Westerham Grasshopper 12x500ml

A malty red ale, full-bodied with roasted toffee flavours and a dry, bitter finish.

Westerham Spirit of Kent 12x500ml

A 9 hop Kent pale ale with hoppy, citrus aromas and a smoothly malty flavour. Westerham ales were racked into the auxiliary fuel tanks of Spitfires an ...

Westerham Viceroy 12x500ml

An award-winning, robust and balanced IPA with spicy hop aromas, hints of apricot and a velvety-smooth, sweetly nutter flavour with a touch of citrus.

Doom Bar 8x500ml

An enticing aroma of resinous hop, sweet malt and delicate roasted notes. The mouth feel is a balanced, complex blend of succulent dried fruit, lightl ...

Fullers London Pride (8x 500ml)

Brewed to 4.1%, this tawny-coloured premium ale borrows sweet raisin, biscuit and dried-fruit notes from the Crystal malt, while fresh, piney herbs em ...

Shepherd Neame Spitfire (8x 500ml)

An infusion of three Kentish hops adorns this beautifully balanced, blood-orange tinted British bitter with an acutely aromatic allure. Hints of marma ...

Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay Pale Ale 8x500ml (Blue Label)

A full bodied, fruity ale with a subtle bitterness and glorious grapefruit and pine aromas.

Whitstable Bay Organic Ale (8x 500ml)

Whitstable Bay Organic Ale is named after the Kent coastal town, famed for its oysters, and makes a great partner for light dishes such as seafood and ...

Newcastle Brown Ale 12x 500ml

The gold standard in Brown Ales since Col. Jim Porter perfected his recipe in 1927. Auburn in color with a rich full-bodied flavor and a slightly swee ...

Old Speckled Hen (12 x 500ml)

A distinctive rich malty taste bursting with character, fruity aroma and deliciously smooth.

Courage Light Ale (24x 275ml)

24x 275ml bottles of Courage Light Ale

Youngs Light Ale 24x275ml

Pale amber in colour with a complex but clean and nutty nose. A clean, satisfying blend of malt and hops, more bitter than the average light ale.

Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol Free 8x500ml

Ghost Ship Alcohol Free has docked! It has all the same flavours and aromas as Ghost Ship 4.5% but is no apparition, treating pale ale lovers to 100% ...

Greene King IPA (8 x 500ml)

Characterised by its hoppy taste and aroma that comes from the use of Challenger and First Gold hops which are combined with Pale and Crystal malts. ...

Shepherd Neame Master Brew (8x 500ml)

Master Brew is brewed using only the finest Kentish barley and hops and is Shepherd Neame's flagship beer in the brewery's Kentish heartland. The "Loc ...