Fullers ESB 5.5% 9G

This well-loved ale is strong and full-bodied with smooth bitterness and a satisfying finish.

Fullers HSB 4.8% 9G

Full bodied with a silky texture.HSB is a balanced brew with a hint of rich fruity Dundee cake

Gadds Dog Bolter 9G

A dark porter brewed with 6 different malts for a satisfying, rich, malty body full of roasty, chocolatey flavours all balanced by a deep & lasting ho ...

Gadds No 5 20lt Poly pin

A traditional Kentish Best bitter - the aroma is toffee malt and fresh green hops, the flavour is malt, hops and red berries with a full body and ling ...

Gadds No.3 9G

The true taste of East Kent. This Kentish pale ale is brewed simply with pale malt & goldings hops. A fresh, clean, hoppy ale with a bitter finish.

Gadds No.7 9G

A simple beer brewed with goldings hops for a little bitterness, fuggles hops for flavour and some crystal malt for colour and body.

Gadds She Sells Sea Shells 4.7% 9G

A pale ale with a clean, fresh bitterness and a gorgeous, zesty hop flavour. It used to be a summer special but is now available all year round.

Goody Ales Genesis 9G

The beginning beer, a dark ruby coloured hoppy bitter with a full flavour and lasting bitter finish.

Goody Ales Good Health 9G

A golden ale with a fresh hoppy finish and undertone of zesty orange peel.

Goody Ales Good Heavens 9G

Ambrosia... amber coloured, best bitter made with Kentish Pilgrim hops.

Goody Ales Good Life 3.9% 9G

Fresh tasting pale ale, bursting with citrus flavours, a host of golden hops.

Goody Ales Good Lord 9G

A rich, medium-full bodied porter with smooth roasted coffee tinge and silky bitter finish, the beer that must be obeyed.

Goody Ales Good Sheppard 9G

Deep amber premium bitter with a warm vanilla twist on the palate and a soft feel on the tongue, a beer to guide you home.