Delivery Information

With a growing fleet of vehicles, we currently deliver to all of Kent, and borders, with deliveries up to 7 days a week. You can place your order by phone, email or online, our existing customers can also place orders through our online ordering service.

Opening Times

Our friendly staff are on hand to help with your business needs during the house below. Outside of these hours you are welcome to leave a message on our voicemail and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Monday - Friday: 8.30am - 5.00pm
Saturday: 8.30am - 5.00pm
Sunday: 9.30am - 12.00pm

Delivery Days and Order Times

PostCodes Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Cut Off Time
BN1 15:00PM
BN11 15:00PM
BN12 15:00PM
BN15 15:00PM
BN18 15:00PM
BN2 15:00PM
BN25 15:00PM
BN27 15:00PM
BN3 15:00PM
BN43 15:00PM
BN5 15:00PM
BN7 15:00PM
BN8 15:00PM
BR1 6:30AM
BR2 6:30AM
BR3 6:30AM
BR4 6:30AM
BR5 6:30AM
BR6 6:30AM
BR7 6:30AM
BR8 6:30AM
CR0 15:00PM
CR2 15:00PM
CR3 15:00PM
CR5 15:00PM
CR6 15:00PM
CR7 15:00PM
CR8 15:00PM
CT1 9:30AM
CT10 11:30AM
CT11 11:30AM
CT12 11:30AM
CT13 9:30AM
CT14 9:30AM
CT15 9:30AM
CT16 9:30AM
CT17 9:30AM
CT18 9:30AM
CT19 9:30AM
CT2 9:30AM
CT20 9:30AM
CT21 9:30AM
CT3 9:30AM
CT4 9:30AM
CT5 9:30AM
CT6 9:30AM
CT7 11:30AM
CT8 11:30AM
CT9 11:30AM
DA1 6:30AM
DA10 6:30AM
DA11 6:30AM
DA12 6:30AM
DA13 6:30AM
DA14 6:30AM
DA2 6:30AM
DA4 6:30AM
DA5 6:30AM
DA6 6:30AM
DA7 6:30AM
DA8 6:30AM
DA9 6:30AM
E10 15:00PM
EC1M 15:00PM
GU21 15:00PM
GU22 15:00PM
GU23 15:00PM
GU4 15:00PM
GU5 15:00PM
KT10 15:00PM
KT11 15:00PM
KT12 15:00PM
KT18 15:00PM
KT19 15:00PM
KT2 15:00PM
KT20 15:00PM
KT22 15:00PM
KT3 15:00PM
KT7 15:00PM
LU1 15:00PM
ME1 6:30AM
ME10 6:30AM
ME11 6:30AM
ME12 6:30AM
ME13 6:30AM
ME14 6:30AM
ME15 6:30AM
ME16 6:30AM
ME17 6:30AM
ME18 6:30AM
ME19 6:30AM
ME2 6:30AM
ME20 6:30AM
ME3 6:30AM
ME4 6:30AM
ME5 6:30AM
ME6 6:30AM
ME7 6:30AM
ME8 6:30AM
ME9 6:30AM
OX9 15:00PM
RG10 15:00PM
RG26 15:00PM
RH1 15:00PM
RH11 15:00PM
RH12 15:00PM
RH13 15:00PM
RH14 15:00PM
RH15 15:00PM
RH16 15:00PM
RH17 15:00PM
RH18 15:00PM
RH19 15:00PM
RH2 15:00PM
RH20 15:00PM
RH3 15:00PM
RH4 15:00PM
RH5 15:00PM
RH6 15:00PM
RH7 15:00PM
RH8 15:00PM
RH9 15:00PM
S35 12:00PM
SE1 15:00PM
SE15 15:00PM
SE19 15:00PM
SE20 15:00PM
SE26 15:00PM
SE3 15:00PM
SE9 15:00PM
SM1 15:00PM
SM2 15:00PM
SM3 15:00PM
SM5 15:00PM
SM7 15:00PM
SO31 15:00PM
SW16 15:00PM
SW17 15:00PM
SW19 15:00PM
SW6 15:00PM
TN1 15:00PM
TN10 15:00PM
TN11 15:00PM
TN12 15:00PM
TN13 15:00PM
TN14 15:00PM
TN15 15:00PM
TN16 15:00PM
TN17 15:00PM
TN18 15:00PM
TN19 15:00PM
TN2 15:00PM
TN20 15:00PM
TN21 15:00PM
TN22 15:00PM
TN23 6:30AM
TN24 6:30AM
TN25 6:30AM
TN26 6:30AM
TN27 6:30AM
TN28 6:30AM
TN29 6:30AM
TN3 15:00PM
TN30 15:00PM
TN31 15:00PM
TN32 15:00PM
TN33 15:00PM
TN34 15:00PM
TN35 15:00PM
TN36 15:00PM
TN37 15:00PM
TN38 15:00PM
TN39 15:00PM
TN4 15:00PM
TN40 15:00PM
TN5 15:00PM
TN6 15:00PM
TN7 15:00PM
TN8 15:00PM
TN9 15:00PM