Giffard Vanilla Syrup 1ltr

Smooth and creamy flavor of homemade vanilla cream.

Giffard Gomme Syrup 1ltr

Characteristic taste of gum and orange blossom.

Giffard Sugar Cane Syrup 1ltr

Typical flavour of cane sugar.

Giffard Grenadine Syrup 1ltr

A delicious grenadine from Giffard. This sweet syrup is made primarily from pomegranate juice, and it adds fruity complexity and colour to numerous co ...

Giffard Blue Curacao 70cl

Liqueur of a deep blue caribbean color with a fine flavor of bitter and sweet oranges.

Giffard Fraise Du Bois (Strawberry) 70cl

Very intense and fruity nose, slightly acid fruit freshness. Acidulous mouth in attack bringing freshness and vivacity. Aromas evolve during the ta ...

Giffard Passion Fruit Syrup 1ltr

Pure sugar syrup made from concentrated juice and natural aroma of passion fruit.

Giffard Blue Curacao Syrup 1ltr

Very fresh taste of the sweet and mellow oranges.

Giffard Coconut Syrup 1ltr

Typical taste of coconut pulp.

Giffard Orgeat (Almond) Syrup 1ltr

Pure sugar syrup with a good taste of bitter almonds.

Giffard Peach Syrup 1ltr

All the natural flavour of orchard peach.

Giffard Caramel Syrup 1ltr

Pure sugar syrup with a good taste of caramel melted with milk.

Giffard Cassis (Blackcurrant) Syrup 1ltr

Liqueur (crème de fruits) made from infusion of blackcurrants, harvested in the Loire Valley and arise from Sustainable Farming. This guarantees hig ...

Giffard Fraise (Strawberry) Syrup 1ltr

Pure sugar syrup with a good taste of strawberry.

Giffard Bubblegum Syrup 1ltr

Pure sugar syrup with a delicately sweet and fruity flavor of bubblegum.