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A fresh approach to drink wholesale

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Drink Warehouse are a completely independent wholesaler operating in Kent servicing the on trade.

Being independent gives us the flexibility to purchase from all over the Country and Europe to provide our customers with the most competitive prices on the market while providing the highest quality products.

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Wine & Champagnes

Drink Warehouse stock a range of wines from around the world. We source our own wines so that we can offer you the highest quality wines at affordable prices.

Packaged Beer & Cider

We offer a range of Beers, Ciders and Ales each as unique as your business and we can help you choose the right product for your business.


We offer a full range of spirits and mixers as well as cocktail purees.

Keg Beer & Cask Ales

A full range of keg and cask products along with a range of GAS, 70/30, 60/40 & CO2

Softdrinks & Minerals

We also provide fruit juices and softdrinks to the on trade.