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Published on June 13, 2022

Treat Fathers everywhere while treating the planet.

With Father’s Day approaching, BrewDog believe they are ready for BrewDads everywhere. 


BrewDog have been brewing in Scotland since 2007. Starting in Fraserburgh, the founders James Watt and Martin Dickie were fed up with stuffy, un-original beer. they decided to do something about it. By making small bathed and filling bottles by hand, they went out to sell their first beers at local markets out of an old, beaten-up van. In 2008, they continued to brew and decided to start thinking outside the box. They made ‘Tokyo’, the strongest beer in the UK; however, The Portman Group banned the products. That did not stop James and Martin. They carried on exporting to Sweden, Japan and America to become Scotland’s largest independent brewery. 


After banks stopped giving them money for their ventures, BrewDog started ‘Equity for Punks’ that offered people the opportunity to buy shares in the company. With the company back on track, the team decided to continue pushing boundaries by creating ‘Tactical Nuclear Penguin’ and at 32% it is the world’s strongest beer. 

In 2010, the first BrewDog bar opens in Aberdeen and they win the Gold medal for Hardcore IPA at the World Beer Cup. Since then, BrewDog has continued to grow and contribute to the planet. Including a recent addition to the range called the Planet Pale Ale. This ale is a quaffable creation of 4.3% ABV which is extremely pale in colour. It is a part of the new BrewDog Headliner range and is laced with Columbus, Chinook and Citra hops. It has a sharp citrus aroma with piney notes to give a mellow and tropical feel. It gives a medium hoppyness with a slightly lower bitterness for a refreshing taste. 


BrewDog believes in continuing their work being completely carbon negative. As they continue making great tasting beverages, they continue to use renewable energy, cut air travel and use electric delivery vehicles. Whatever cannot be reduced is offset by planting schemes with trusted partners all over the world. 


Celebrate Father’s Day 2022 on Sunday 19th June with BrewDog in your venue. 

Citrus aroma with resinous piney notes which give way to tropical fruits and melon. Sitting on a subtle malt backbone with a dry bitter fallout to finish.

This pilsner combines the light, crisp and clean lager profile provided by Weihenstephan’s house yeast, with the vibrant citrus and stonefruit aromas associated with new German hop Saphir. This lager is easy-going but has subtle depths; toast, hints of spice and a zesty lime marmalade character.

New England detuned. This full-tilt fruit machine of an IPA packs all the flavour but less of the alcohol. Notes of pineapple, mango, stone-fruit, and a hint of tangerine to mix it up. Brewed with oats and wheat and left unfiltered for a smooth juicy hit.

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