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Published on October 2, 2023.


When stocking up your bar with snacks and offering light bites on your menu, you really need to know what you are serving matches your drinks. Being able to recommend a snack pairing with a pint will elevate your sales pitch. Also, the salty snacks will encourage customers to order more drinks! Check out our recommendations for pairings. 


Light lager & salty snacks

Fried and/or salty snacks, like crisps and chips, are great to wash down with a deliciously light European lager. Keep things simple like a bowl of salted peanuts or salty Italian olives, paired with light and refreshing lagers like Heineken or Amstel, you will have discovered a draft beer and snack combo made in heaven!

German Pilsner & soft pretzels

This is a highly traditional snack pairing. When ordering a stein of German pilsner in Munich, it is alost always accompanied by a basket of fresh and delicious soft pretzels. The sharp edge to the pilsner is beautifully complemented by the delectable, warm pretzels. These ‘bread-y’ pretzels do a great job of sobering your customers up, too, meaning they can continue enjoying your draft beers throughout the night. 


Pale ale & cheese boards

Pale ales have exploded in popularity in recent times. If you want your customers to navigate the flavors of your venue’s IPAs, put together a selection of cheeses, crackers, and chutneys to go with. Any cheese works fine, but you’ll find that soft cheeses and fruit chutneys work wonders when it comes to extracting the subtle flavors from your IPA. If you’re feeling daring, consider adding some fresh chili flakes to your board and enjoy an even broader spectrum of flavors. 

Apple cider and spicy buffalo wings

Draft ciders come in so many varieties these days; however, there is not anything better than a pint of apple cider and a plate of hot and spicy buffalo wings coated in rich BBQ sauce. Perfect for a hot day, take a couple of sips out of cold draught cider with the spicy, yet sweet accompaniment of wings. 


Dark ale & pork scratchings [or rind]

Behind any traditional UK pub, bags of pork scratchings will sit hanging from the bar. This hard-to-describe salty snack have been enjoyed by British pub-goers since pubs opened. Pair this tradiational snack with a nutty or fruity dark ale, the salty, fatty flavors of pork scratchings prove to be irresistible.


Medium Dry Cider and a Sausage Roll

Pork and apple make for a classic pairing, so if you’re reaching for a meaty snack, consider a cask cider with spicy notes instead of an ale. Acidity and fat go well together! The acidity from the apple cleanses the palate after each bite of pork.  

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