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Published on May 21st, 2024. 

Introducing Adnams

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For 150 years, Adnams has been brewing with passion and purpose. Nestled on the coast in Southwold, their location is more than just geography—it’s a way of life. Gazing out to sea, they see a world of endless possibilities. Their fierce independence fuels their innovation and unique approach. Adnams is deeply committed to a sustainable future, where progress harmonizes with care for the environment and their communities.

Adnams and their values

Adnams values innovation and evolution, evident in their continuous drive for progress. With 150 years of history behind them and a commitment to another 150 ahead, they’re constantly exploring, growing, learning, and changing to remain at the forefront. Their relentless pursuit of new and improved methods ensures they operate efficiently while minimizing their impact on natural resources.


In addition to their innovative spirit, Adnams prioritizes distinctive quality. Their products are meticulously crafted from grain to glass exclusively in Southwold, embodying a level of excellence unmatched elsewhere. By sourcing locally, they ensure the highest quality ingredients, reflecting their unwavering dedication to superior craftsmanship. With each service, Adnams delivers enthusiasm, care, and attention, creating unforgettable experiences for their customers.


Driven by a desire to succeed sustainably, Adnams focuses on making a positive impact where it matters most—on your tastebuds. Their dedication to doing the right thing is palpable, as they consistently seek ways to improve and innovate. By embracing sustainability as a core value, they not only benefit their communities but also contribute to the well-being of the planet, embodying their commitment to a better future for all.

Adnams and Sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of everything Adnams does, and championing their local community is a significant part of this commitment. They donate 1% of their annual profits to valuable causes via The Adnams Community Trust, which has awarded over 1,500 grants to organisations within 25 miles of Southwold. This support has fuelled numerous essential projects doing vital work. Additionally, the annual Adnams 10k Run in November raises further funds for the Trust and regional charities close to the hearts of the participants.


Living on the Suffolk coast, Adnams is acutely aware of the impact of extreme weather, having witnessed towns lost to the waves. This drives their determination to reduce carbon emissions and lessen their reliance on natural resources to combat climate change and protect their coastal home. Notably, Adnams was the first UK brewery to complete a full carbon life-cycle assessment of their beer range, and they actively collaborate with suppliers, understanding that sustainability is a collective effort.


Their pioneering spirit doesn’t stop there. Adnams was also the first UK brewery to conduct a comprehensive water life-cycle assessment, aiming to understand and mitigate the broader impact of their products. Their innovative water management efforts have earned them the Edie Sustainability Leaders Award twice and a Footprint Award for Energy Efficiency.


One particularly innovative project involved identifying a high-temperature water waste stream from the distillery. Adnams implemented a closed-loop recovery system using heat exchangers to capture and repurpose this valuable resource. This clever system has significantly decreased water usage in the distillery and cut energy bills. Furthermore, their brewery recovers more than 90% of the steam produced, converting it back into heat for the next batch. These initiatives are making a tangible impact, with Adnams expecting to save 2 million litres of water this year alone.


Adnams isn’t just brewing beer; they’re brewing a sustainable future.

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