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Published on February 8, 2023.

An Interview with... Scott Malyon

Find out more about DWUK’s Wine Development and Training Manager, Scott Malyon. 

How did your passion for wine start?

It all started when I was the odd one out at the pub in my late teens when I was the one ordering a glass of Merlot when my mates were ordering pints of Heineken. I enjoyed a beer, don’t get me wrong, but wine was always more intriguing to me very an early age. As soon as I started working in this beautiful trade, I became obsessed with wine more and more. Every single day, I get to learn something new. Wine is evolution and, in my opinion, an intrinsic piece of pop culture.



What are you most excited about with taking on the development of Sheridan Coopers Wine?

There are many, but honestly, I am a people person and we are a people business. So, enabling staff in the business to have access to this new resource excites me, because then that will translate directly to our customers.They will be able to see what a wonderful portfolio and 360 service we have to ensure that we effectively meet their demands. Oh, and tasting my way through the portfolio of course. Someone has to do it right?

Is there a wine region you would love to explore more?  

Jackpot question! All depends on whether the directors sign off on the budget for travel! On a serious note, New Zealand is top of the pile for me. I would love to visit both the north and south islands and explore its natural beauty, as well as its stunning array of vineyards and wine-making finesse.


What’s a myth or common misconception about tasting wine, choosing wine, or wine in general? 

How long do we have? One common misconception ties into what I said above about it being part if the pop culture fabric. If you think of all the things we love day to day that are both essential and desirable – wine should be a part of that. I am not saying we should drink way too much wine and get silly with it, but by the pure diversity and evolving nature of the grape and what it produces, I feel we need to be open more, in trying new things and in new ways. For example, wine and music. Have you ever listened to select pieces of music whilst tasting wine to see how much it can ‘toy’ with your senses? You should!

Why is an education in wine important when working in the hospitality industry?

It is vital because it allows you to have a wholesome and empathetic approach, when communicating to either the customer or the consumer. The way in which education is conceived and delivered needs to change, in my opinion, which is what I am planning here at Sheridan Coopers.  ‘Innovate, don’t imitate’ is my motto. 


One tip on wine that you like to share with everyone?

Wine is almost entirely subjective, and so, whilst guidance and expertise is very valuable, ultimately, if you don’t like a wine, that’s absolutely fine. You will always be one step ahead if you find a wine style that you like because there are over 12,000 grapes on this planet that make wine. So if there is one you don’t like, there will always be more options to find out what you do like. I have a brain full of tips and hacks, so please feel free to contact me. I love talking wine.

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About the author

Scott Malyon

Scott is Sheridan Cooper’s new wine expert, with 15 years experience in the wine industry. His main mission is to ensure that wine is inclusive and not exclusive and to ensure that people who enjoy a glass of wine, really see that it is as much a part of popular culture as anything else. Scott believes in immersive education around wine, removing any fluff and nonsense that would otherwise confuse people. There are over 12,000 grapes on this planet that make wine, and so Scott wants to make sure that this is reflected within our wine portfolio to satisfy wine drinkers that seek both comfort and a little discomfort and adventure by trying new things.

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