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Published on June 9, 2022

Ableforth's Bathtub Gin for World Gin Day 2022

Are you ready of World Gin Day on 11th June? 

In 2011, three friends set out to create some delicious and distinct drinks to enjoy. By taking inspiration from past styles and flavours, as well as channeling fresh and unusual variations, Ableforth’s was founded and some great spirits were born. 


A thoroughly modern brand with an uncompromising approach to its creation, Ableforth’s process of infusion, also known as cold-compounding, and vacuum distillation bring the highest quality spirits forward to make sure every Ableforth’s drink is made deliciously, using only the finest methods and ingredients to ensure each and every sip is something special.


Coming into 2022, the Ableforth’s family has achieved several global awards and has a proud range of Bathtub Gins®, Rumbullion!® spiced rums, Brandies and Cups.

Their award-winning Bathtub Gin takes a while to perfect, but is definitely worth it. 


First, a copper pot-distilled gin is made with juniper, coriander and other fragrant botanicals. After this is made, a portion of the gin is infused with a further six fresh botanicals, a process which takes a whole week to do. This infusion process allows those fresh botanical flavours – too delicate to survive traditional distillation – to shine through, and Bathtub Gin is left with its unique flavour and distinctive hue.


Tasting Notes:

Nose: Fresh and bold juniper leads the way with fragrant citrus and cardamom. Notes of fresh orange peel and cinnamon add to an enticing nose.

Taste: Juniper again leads, but there’s plenty more besides. The mouthfeel is thick and creamy whilst the cloves, coriander and cardamom offer depth.

Finish: Here the supporting botanicals really shine with lingering cardamom and orange peel on the tail.

Serve: Bathtub Gin tastes great with premium tonic and a wedge of orange. 

An extraordinary award-winning gin from Ableforth’s. Made using the traditional method of Cold Compounding (or in layman’s terms – infusing). Very high quality copper pot-still spirit is infused with ingredients including Juniper, Orange Peel, Coriander, Cinnamon, Cloves and Cardamom, with the length of the compounding period controlled entirely by periodic sampling. The result is an extraordinary gin, lightly tinted by the botanicals, and with a flavour which is both bold, and perfumed all at once. Sure to be a hit with amateur and professional mixologists alike.

Ableforth’s has been at it again, this time recreating a traditional style of gin that was very popular in 18th and 19th century England. Old Tom is a slightly sweetened gin, created following a request from The Handmade Cocktail Company, which needed a tasty Old Tom gin for use in their Martinez cocktail.

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