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Published on August 23, 2023.

Unusual. playful and fiercely independent.

Brighton Gin was born of a passion for gin, and a passion for the place where we live and play. They  wanted to create a gin that embodies the Spirit of Brighton: unusual, playful and fiercely independent. It started back in 2012 with months of experimentation with different ingredients, combinations, distilling techniques and approaches, and more than one or two accidents along the way and lots of trying out recipes on fellow gin-loving friends until they finally hit the perfect blend.


The distillation process removes the gluten from Brighton Gin, and they are also the first craft gin to be certified 100% vegan, which includes their wax bottle tops and the gum used to stick on labels. Each bottle is carefully washed and filled by hand, and then each label is stuck on and dipped into the wax themselves: no factory production lines. They also try to keep their carbon footprint down by delivering in Brighton and Hove on their specially adapted gin bike.

They have even more great sustainable initiatives like using fairly traded products, sourcing locally where possible, and using high-grade ingredients including organic wheat spirit as the base for the gin. They also reuse every bit of cardboard that arrives into the distillery as inserts for gin cases and packing of web orders. Even the bottles are made in England with a high recycled content, and their distillation process uses a special water cooling system which means they can recycle water rather than pouring it down the drain. They also use 100% renewable, green energy that is all locally sourced.

As part of their commitment to the city which helped make Brighton Gin popular, they support community events such as beach cleans and local charities such as the Rainbow Fund, donating a proportion of proceeds from our specially designed Brighton Pride bottles.

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