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Published on June 30, 2023.

Coffee with purpose.

Founded by Charles Trace in 2011, Caffe Praego Coffee Company was designed by combining a passion of the coffee industry and the philanthropic work of Point foundation UK. It is a coffee brand with a meaningful purpose. 


This quest started in 2011 in Rwanda, where 80% of the coffee still comes from today, perfect for growing the coffee with high altitude, tropical rainfalls temperate sun and volcanic soils. Lake Kivu is 145km from the sea and is landlocked Rwanda’s hidden gem as it provides an amazing biodiversity for Caffe Praego’s beans.

Rwanda is a developing country with high levels of rural poverty. Caffe Praego invests funds back into education projects to empower youth with the skillset to break the poverty cycle and restore their communities alongside the Point Foundation UK. Over 5,000 children & youth are currently assisted in educational schemes, as well as nutritional and medical assistance. 50p from every kilo of Caffe Praego coffee sold goes directly towards these projects.


Rwanda is also a Sustainable Coffee Challenge partner and is accredited by the International Green Climate Fund by being proactive with climate and environment policies. With one of the smallest carbon footprints in the world, Rwanda’s sustainable coffee farming practices organic composting and recyclable water filtrations methods to keep this going.

Lake Kivu Blend

Lake Kivu Blends features the finest Arabica Bourbon from award winning co-operatives in Rwanda. Farmer-owned plots cover Kivu lakeshore hillsides with shade grown coffee trees, mulched with banana leaves and cherry pulp. Harvests are taken to lake side washing stations, where cherries are rinsed and soaked in mountain water, which is then filtered and re-used. 80% of Caffe Praego’s green beans are directly sourced from the Kivu belt, constantly captivating our client’s tastebuds with their complex layering of sweet, floral notes

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