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Published on March 28th, 2024. 

Introducing Carlsberg ID: Intelligent Draught

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Welcome to the future of draught beer with Carlsberg Intelligent Draught (ID).


A range of next generation dispense solutions using innovative technology to drive quality and also to help our customers become more efficient, sustainable and ultimately grow their business.


At Carlsberg, innovation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a legacy. From pioneering the pH scale to revolutionising packaging with our sustainable snap pack, we’ve always been at the forefront of positive change in the drinks industry. And Carlsberg ID is no exception.

Carlsberg ID mastering the perfect pour


In today’s evolving landscape, the perfect pour has never been more crucial. As consumer data shows we are going out less but spending more when we are out, so quality resigns supreme. And with the price of the average pint going up, so are customer expectations.


Studies show that 85% of beer drinkers believe they can distinguish a good pint from a bad one, and 73% claim if they were served a bad drink they would leave the venue immediately or straight after the first drink.


And that is where Carlsberg ID comes in.

Our solutions ensure drinks stay fresher for longer, colder and more consistent guaranteeing the perfect pour from first to last drop.


And with our heritage and expertise, we understand the significance of the perfect pour like no other.

Carlsberg ID drives operational efficiencies


And it is not only the quality of a pint that is coming under pressure…

With costs spiralling across the board and staffing pressures, there is an urgent need to save money and drive more profit through efficiencies on time and resource, particularly cleaning time, and less waste.


Cleaning time reduced:  Say goodbye to the hassle of weekly line cleaning. Our Carlsberg ID solutions cut cleaning time by up to 75%, freeing up valuable resources.


Less waste, more profits: Waste is a big issue across the board in the hospitality industry. It hurts the bottom line and the environment. From short shelf lives to beer not staying fresh and needing to be thrown away, all of our Carlsberg ID solutions minimise waste which is good for business and for sustainability. 

Carlsberg ID Tailored solutions to meet your specific needs


We understand that each and every venue will have unique space constraints as well as different demands and challenges when it comes to the draught formats they offer, so a one size fits all solution just won’t work.


That is why at Carlsberg ID, we have developed a wide range of solutions that can be tailored to fit your venues specific needs.


All are designed around being convenient to install and work around your existing systems and for venue sizes.


Introducing Draughtmaster: Perfect for space constrained venues, this innovative system uses smaller kegs and compressed air for exceptionally fresh beer, every time.


Introducing Fresh Ale: Enjoy the world’s first guaranteed 14-day shelf-life ale, retaining quality and consistency with the authentic hand-pull experience and serve.


Introducing CQDS: Cutting edge cellar dispense system ensuring the perfect pint every time with technology in built to keep the temperature consistent every time for the perfect temperature pint.


At Carlsberg ID, we’re not just serving beer; we’re crafting experiences, driving efficiencies and shaping the future of draught beer – one perfect pour at a time.


For more information please visit CarlsbergID.co.uk

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