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Published on October 10, 2022

Creating a better tomorrow for our planet. 

In the pursuit of going beyond beer, Carlsberg have teamed up with WWF to protect the ocean wildlife by restoring seagrass along the UK coastline. 



With the simplicity of drinking a great beer, you are helping to make a positive impact on our world. Seagrass is the ‘underwater Amazon’; however, it can absorb carbon up to 35 times faster than a rainforest. Furthermore, Seagrass is also vital in keeping the seas and marine biodiversity healthy and providing a habitat for ocean wildlife. With over 90% of seagrass meadows destroyed in the UK, it is time to act now in restoring this amazing piece of nature that acts as a rapid storage device for carbon. 

Carlsberg and WWF has great ambitions with their restoration project. Starting in 2021 as a trial year, the team work towards understanding the locations and conditions that would give the project the best chance of success. They started with small 5m² trials to establish the areas that are most suitable for growth. This is an on-going project. Once these locations have been chosen, the restoration project with be rolled out on a much larger scale as they work towards their ambition of planting 20 hectares of seagrass in different locations by 2026. 


WWF will use this project as a restoration model to propose to the government with the ambition of restoring hundreds of hectares every year with their support. This would make the UK a global leader in restoring ocean health and combating climate change. Carlsberg has donated a minimum of £265,000 in 2021 and 2022 to get this project off the ground and have donated even more money over the last two years to help support WWF’s wider conservation work around the world. 

Carlsberg have also introduced the Snap Pack. Using innovative glue technology, Snap Pack eliminates the need for traditional plastic rings, reducing the risk of waste, and cutting carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuel-based packaging. Cees ‘t Hart, CEO of Carlsberg Group, states that “Our beer packaging innovation will significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste and provide our consumers with better, greener beer experiences.” 

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