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Published on September 7, 2022

Tucked away in the picturesque Herefordshire countryside. 

Chase Distillery is part of the rich Herefordshire landscape famed for its fertile farmland and distinctive red soil – and some of the best-tasting crops that are produced here. This is where the Chase story began.


Chase have an infinite passion for farming, their initial roots of the rich Herefordshire landscape and decades of farming heritage where their craftmanship has been honed that have allowed them to perfect their recipes and range. From the quality potatoes rooted into the soil to the fragrant elderflower that blooms from the hedgerows, the plentiful British countryside brings with it a whole host of flavour inspirations. As the seasons change, the Chase influences do, too – spring brings a host of deliciously tart rhubarb, with autumnal apples bringing a delightful contrast to their unique spirits. They have developed a variety of gins and vodkas to ensure that there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s enjoying a Grapefruit G&T on a grassy picnic blanket or sipping on some Sloe gin by a warm, wintry fireplace, there’s a flavour in the Chase range to suit all occasions. 

Chase use traditional and classic methods to create their signature gins and vodkas, starting with peeling the potatoes. Chase are highly aware that the quality of products matter. The meticulous dedication can be tasted through the potatoes and other ingredients that are added later on.  They are then smashed into a pulp and transferred into the mash vessel where it is left to ferment for a while. After some time, the alcohol separates from the potato mash and is then run through a copper still, similar to the one pictured above. The ‘heart’ of the spirit is extracted, leaving the very best of the alcohol of the very best quality. This distillation process leaves the delicious vodka. This is then separated and distilled once again while they add juniper and other great botanicals to create their gin. Once all base spirits are created, they are free to add all the necessary ingredients to achieve the range of fantastic flavours they offer.


50ml Chase GB Gin 

12.5ml Sweet Vermouth 
Lemon to garnish



Fill a highball glass with plenty of ice. 

Build all ingredients into the glass and gently stir. 

Garnish with lemon peel.

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