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Published on January 20, 2023

Turning any occasion into a celebration. 

The Ready-To-Drink market is ever-changing and expanding. What started as easy-to-please drinks for younger drinkers and outdoors events, has led to leading mixologists stepping up to the plate and taking on the task of creating their own pre-mixed cocktails.


There are so many benefits in having pre-mixed cocktails at your disposal, especially on busier nights, or larger events at your venue. With no need for a mixologist or extensive training to staff, having all cocktails ready to go is a much faster, efficient way of delivering cocktails. It enhances overall customer experience and even though some may miss the pageantry of cocktail making, most just want a drink as quickly as possible. This  enables speedy service, in turn making people stay longer and spend more at your venue. It also allows bartenders to talk to their customers more, without the need for looking up recipes or concentrating. 

No need to buy multiple bottles of different liquids, only to use a couple of drops for one specific cocktail, as pre-mixed cocktails takes away ingredients only for them to be wasted in the long run. They also ensure great taste and texture every time. This precision can really lead to customers returning, knowing that they can rely on your bar for that great drink every time. You are still putting out a fantastic product, for half the time.

Coppa Cocktails is a great example of pre-mixed cocktails that aims to bring people together with the fantastic flavours of their delicious cocktails and inspire connections through high-quality experiences. Embracing diversity, authenticity, quality and ease, turning any occasion into a celebration, Coppa Cocktails have created their range with award-winning, world-class bartenders who have challenged the conventions of how high-quality cocktails are served. Coppa Cocktails are an obvious, time-saving choice for premium cocktails, made with natural ingredients for the authentic taste without the need for skilled bartenders. Just pour your cocktail of choice over ice and enjoy.

A cocktail based on white rum, coconut oil and the taste of pineapple juice. One of the world’s most favourite cocktails, was born in Puerto Rico, but the identity of the bartender who first mixed up the iconic rum-based cocktail remains a point of contention.

Coppa Mojito is a world famous cocktail made with Caribbean rum, mint liqueur and lime juice. Packed with natural flavours and colour. Serve cold in a tall glass over crushed ice and garnish with a mint leaf and a slice of lime.

A world class cocktail made from amaretto with almonds and a mixture of lemon juices. 

The strawberry daiquiri is a delicious cocktail made with premium white rum, strawberry and lime juice and sugar. Serve ice cold in a highball glass with crushed ice.

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