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Published on April 21, 2023.

Redefining the category.

Carl Anthony Brown, founder and pioneer of CROSSIP’s unique recipe has been perfecting the ultimate sensory experience within a non-alcoholic drink for 5 years now. Over the last year, Carl has created a team around him with drinks industry and corporate experience to take CROSSIP to the next level. The team completely share Carl’s passions that “not drinking” is not just a one-off, it’s a way of life, it’s about enjoying a drink, but also maintaining balance


Carl is an industry and media renowned cocktail expert. With 16 years in hospitality, skills in the development of beverages, brands and operations of the bar industry and winner of the prestigious ‘Young British Foodie’ award, Carl has put all of his experience and skills together to generate something special with CROSSIP. It was Carl’s dedication for cycling and rugby–a requirement to be at peak physical form, combined with a career in cocktails and love for a social drink, that inspired him to create a base for cocktails that didn’t come with the negative connotations of alcohol, but instead contained all of the positive sensory excitements and flavours that alcohol does. Carl literally locked himself in a dark room at times, trialing different spices, botanicals and flavours to optimise a taste with deep layers, and an element of sophistication. Now, with a finished recipe and a dedication to allow our customers to do some good, CROSSIP has launched in the UK.

The Fresh Pitcher


200ml CROSSIP Fresh Citrus

650ml Watermelon Juice

75ml Agave Syrup

75ml Lime Juice

Garnish with Watermelon Chunks

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Combine all ingredients into your favourite pitcher with ice. 

Share with friends on a sunny day with plenty of Watermelon Slices!

Inspired by botanical spirits, it opens with notes of mandarin and eucalyptus, with the body evolving into a multiplex of citrus.

Lashings of rich and luxurious damson and blackberry are intricately spiced with clove, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Inspired by Italian bitters and aperitifs, it has a deep, developed flavour, with floral notes of hibiscus, cubeb and rhubarb.

Inspired by smoky, dark spirits, with a bold opener of 

sweet smoky lapsang and top notes of pine.

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