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Published on February 20th, 2024. 

New Product - Debt Collector Moonshine

Does Debt Collector have a home in your venue?

Debt Collector Moonshine marks the latest addition to Doghouse Distillery’s impressive lineup. Established in 2016 and proudly rooted in Battersea, London, Doghouse Distillery stands as the city’s premier multi-category grain-to-bottle distillery. Setting themselves apart from the competition, they are one of the select few distilleries that produce their base spirit entirely from scratch.


The journey to bring Debt Collector Moonshine to fruition was no small feat. It took over a year to meticulously build and commission the distillery, with the first spirit hitting the UK market in September 2017.


The name “Doghouse” embodies a spirit of revelry, passion, and innovation, tinged with a hint of rebellion. If you’ve ever enjoyed a tipple or two, chances are you’ve found yourself ‘in the Doghouse’ at some point. And if you’re fortunate enough to join the Doghouse crew on a night out, well, let’s just say ending up there is practically inevitable!


While the team certainly knows how to have a good time, their dedication to their craft is unwavering. They approach spirit-making with a purist mindset yet infuse each creation with a distinctiveness that keeps enthusiasts coming back for more. So, whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or a newcomer to the scene, Debt Collector Moonshine promises a sip of something truly exceptional.

The Moonshine


Both iterations of Debt Collector Moonshine are crafted from a mash predominantly comprised of corn, complemented by barley and rye. Fermented with a Kentucky Bourbon yeast, the spirits undergo a meticulous double distillation in copper pots before being aged in charred, virgin American oak barrels. This process mirrors the techniques, raw materials, and equipment used in the production of American-style whisky, commonly known as Bourbon.


While the brand draws inspiration from Bourbon, its production outside the USA precludes it from being classified strictly as such. Instead, it is aptly referred to as “Moonshine,” paying homage to the origins and evolution of this distinctive category.


In accordance with UK regulations, a spirit cannot be labelled as whisky unless it has been matured in oak barrels for a minimum of three years. Hence, the decision to release Debt Collector Moonshine as an initial expression, allowing enthusiasts to embark on a journey of exploration and understanding of the maturation process.


Moving forward, the distillery plans to introduce a new vintage of this brand annually, inviting consumers to partake in the ongoing evolution and appreciation of their craft.


Moonshine Flavour Profile



Malt type: Corn (majority), Barley, Rye

Aroma: Lime zest and mellow sweet corn

Palate: Lime zest at the start followed by a solid vegetal backbone with a hint of light Fennel and then warmth and peppery spice at the end

Colour: Clear

Cask Aged One Year

Malt type: Corn (majority), Barley, Rye

Aroma: Vanilla, light caramel, and toffee with a hint of popcorn

Palate: Strong oak up front due to its young maturation followed by light caramel and toasty flavours followed by a spicey finish

Colour: Dark brown

Cocktails Featuring Debt Collector Moonshine




Spirit – Debt Collector Moonshine Unaged

Season – Autumn, Spring, Summer

Occasion – Brunch, Lunch, Afternoon Sesh, Aperitivo, Dinner Party, Late Night, Rave


Method –

Muddle 4 limes in an Old Fashioned Glass

Pour 50ml of Moonshine Unaged into glass

Add 15ml sugar syrup

Top with crushed ice and add soda up to 2/3 full

Stir all, top with crushed ice (soda if required)


Garnish: Lime Wedge

Glass: Rock Glass or Old Fashioned

White Dog Daiquiri


Spirit – Debt Collector Moonshine Unaged

Season – Spring, Summer

Occasion – Occasion: Brunch, Lunch, Afternoon Sesh, Aperitivo, Dinner Party


Method –

Add 50ml of Moonshine Unaged into a cocktail shaker

Add 25ml of lime juice

Then add 20ml sugar syrup

Add lots of ice and give it a good shake until chilled

Double strain into a coupe (or a rock glass with lots of ice)

Optional – 2 drops of bitters in foam


Garnish – 1 x Lime Wheel

Glass – Coupe

Whisky Sour


Spirit: Moonshine Cask Aged

Season: All

Occasion: Afternoon Sesh, Aperitivo, Dinner Party, Late Night, Rave


Method – 

Add 50ml of Moonshine cask aged to a cocktail shaker

Add 25ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice

Add 20ml of sugar syrup

Add 2 good dashes of bitters

Add 25ml Egg White (or Aquafaba for vegans)

Give it a hard dry shake until frothy 

Then add ice and shake again until chilled

Double strain into a rocks glass filled with ice


Garnish:  1 x Fresh cherry

Glass: Rock glass

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