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Published on July 24, 2023.

What’s going on ‘down under’?

Australia, the world’s fifth largest wine producer, is home to more than 60 designated wine regions, each with their own unique climate, soil, topography and geography. It is steeped in history; however, has welcomed innovation and new technology to its viniculture with open arms.


Each region delivers wines in their own variation and, whilst growing the major international varieties, looks to create individuality by planting fewer common grapes to reflect their unique terroir. Wines are often labelled with the name of their grape variety, which must form at least 85 percent of the wine.


South Australia is the country’s well-known major wine region, located around the city of Adelaide. With the overall climate being hot and dry, wines are typically very fruit forward with a powerful concentration resulting in a deep colour and heady flavours. With the versatile terroir throughout the country, Australia produces world-class wines from a zesty Chardonnay to a full-bodied Shiraz.

Scott Malyon, Wine Training and Development Manager, shares his favourites…


“The UK imports around 1.5 billion litres of wine per year from Australia.  That’s 3 billion bottles of the good stuff.  We are talking about one hundred trillion, two hundred billion grapes! Being the 2nd largest importer by volume and 4th largest importer by value, Australian wine has for many years, and continues to be a huge part of the UK wine scene. I have always found their wines full of exciting flavours, superb with food and by and large, are quite progressive with labelling and packaging. As a whole, their wines really do it all, as it were. 


We have some real corkers from Australia in our portfolio. Here are a few of my favourites that will get those tastebuds jumping. Wild & Wilder Courtesan Riesling is the epitome of good breeding with a delicate frame and mouth-watering lime and elderflower character. This crisp, tangy and dry white is juicy on the palate. Ever tried an Australian Riesling with Thai food? You should. Another Wild & Wilder wine is the Cloud Cuckoo Land Nero D’Avola Montepulciano. It is an unusual blend of varieties, but it is energetic, just like an Italian red. Deliciously succulent with smoky, dark cherry fruit, subtle spice and a mouth-watering finish.

Explorer ‘Shackletons’ Shiraz comes form the renown Coonawarra on the Limestone Coast in Australia. With aromas of spicy dark fruits and bramble, it has an exquisite peppery finish. As a side note, the best ways to enjoy a ripe, juicy and bold Shiraz is with a ripe, juicy burger (both meat and veggie work wonders). 


With abundant aromas of fresh stone fruit, Stella Bella Chardonnay is refreshing with acidity and mineral flavours balancing perfectly. Nectarine, peach and white flowers shine through as well as pink grapefruit. Also, Chardonnay and Mac ‘n’ Cheese anyone? I’ll say a big cheers to that.”

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Chloe Lewis

Chloe looks after all copywriting and proof-reading for Drink Warehouse UK, working with the Marketing team to deliver educational content to all our customers. She has spent many years in the hospitality sector, moving from behind the bar to now helping venues to stock their own. You can find more from Chloe about beer, cider, spirits, wine, non-alcoholic, soft drinks and RTDs all over our blogs, website, social media and Set The Bar magazine. 

Scott Malyon

Scott is Sheridan Cooper’s new wine expert, with 15 years experience in the wine industry. His main mission is to ensure that wine is inclusive and not exclusive and to ensure that people who enjoy a glass of wine, really see that it is as much a part of popular culture as anything else. Scott believes in immersive education around wine, removing any fluff and nonsense that would otherwise confuse people. There are over 12,000 grapes on this planet that make wine, and so Scott wants to make sure that this is reflected within our wine portfolio to satisfy wine drinkers that seek both comfort and a little discomfort and adventure by trying new things.

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