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Published on March 29, 2023.

The man with all the French flair.

Jean-Claude Mas, 4th generations grape grower and 1st generation winemaker, with Château Paul Mas initially, has become a reference for South of France wines. “Old World wines with New World attitude” is the essence of their character. The 15 Estates cover over 850 hectares of vineyards, with over 40 varieties, and are spread across the Crus of the Languedoc: Pézenas, Grés de Montpellier, Terrasses du Larzac, Limoux, Boutenac and Roussillon. Our branded wines are made with grapes from our partner winegrowers, which represent 1500 hectares of vineyards. This is how we can produce authentic and affordable great wines, what we claim to be an “everyday luxury”!


The Languedoc used to be more known for the impressive volumes it’s producing rather than the quality. Thanks to big investments in both vineyards and wineries this has changed significantly over the last decade and the Languedoc is now in an incredibly strong position. Although there have been some small price increases, it’s nowhere near as much as the quality has improved. Jean-Claude Mas has played a pivotal role in this evolution and he is continuing to lead in quality and innovation.


Jean-Claude Mas has always had the philosophy to produce wines with the consumer in mind. This has always been the key to the “Jean-Claude Mas style”. When Jean-Claude returned to his roots in the Languedoc after spending years living abroad studying and working with car racing he knew there was a real potential for real Languedoc wines. Jean-Claude realised that the French had to stop being so arrogant thinking the world was going to continue buying wines just because they were French, the “Arrogant Frog” brand was born, which was one of the pillars putting Jean-Claude Mas on the world of wine map.

Jean-Claude himself has an impressive palate and natural skill to make wines that do just that; bring true emotions to the consumer by great quality at affordable price. Jean-Claude insists wine is not a product, it’s an experience. Jean-Claude Mas wines has a mission to bring a beautiful experience to the rest of the world. We are very proud to have Drink Warehouse UK as the distributor of the Jean-Claude Mas range in the UK. It was imperative that the wine team immersed themselves full bodied into the carefully selected wines specifically chosen for the Sheridan Coopers Wine Portfolio.

In collaboration with our own sustainable approach for Drink Warehouse UK, the vineyard has its own impressive focus on the continuous development of sustainable agriculture, we learned that their ambition is to have a fully organic approach over the next five to six years. By promoting biodiversity throughout their land, they are respecting their vineyards by safeguarding their soils, plants and the ecosystem utilising strategies in-line with Terra Vitis and an HEV3 approach which is the highest level of environmental certification for farms.


Success is synonymous with Paul Mas which is the largest privately-owned company in France beside Champagne and has been a family owned company since 2000. They currently sell to more than 73 countries and pride themselves on remaining ahead of any wine trends, but overall their uniqueness lies in their undeniable value for money with a taste that consistently over-delivers and this is concurred by our Drink Warehouse UK wine experts. Paul Mas is rich in heritage and wealthy when is comes to receiving praise in the wine world; they recently won the prestigious Mondus Vini 2019 ‘Best French Wine Producer’ and in 2018 they won more than 350 medals including 120 Gold medals for their wine range.

Intense and elegant with aromas packed full of tropical fruits, delicious vanilla and a touch of toast. On the palate this wine is rich and mellow with a well-balanced acidity and a long finish.

Aromas and flavours of cherry, blackcurrant and raspberry. This blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and Merlot is rich, round and smooth.

Aromas of grapefruit, papayas and pink grapefruit, beech smoke, air dried ham and black bread. Elegant dry taste, well balanced, light and crispy texture, moderate fruit acidity, a velvety taste with juicy vitality, a good ending.

Quintessence of raspberries, roasted pepper and violet evolving towards spicy notes. Structured yet soft, fruit-driven and persistent

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