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Published on April 18th, 2024. 

The Importance of Draught Beer Line Cleaning

Avoid these common mistakes!

Maintaining top-notch craft beer quality is a detailed process that requires steadfast dedication. Craft brewers devote significant time, effort, and resources to create the best beer for their discerning consumers. They carefully select ingredients and utilize cutting-edge brewing technologies, subjecting each batch to rigorous testing to maintain high standards.


However, all this meticulous work can be at risk during the journey from keg to glass if the draught system and lines aren’t consistently cleaned and maintained. The essence of their craftsmanship relies on the careful upkeep of these vital components, ensuring that every pour provides an unparalleled experience of excellence.


When a beer keg is tapped into the system, organic and inorganic deposits gradually accumulate on key surfaces like beer lines, keg couplers, FOBs, and beer faucets. If left unaddressed, these deposits have the potential to compromise the nuanced flavour profile and hinder the draft beer system’s ability to deliver the quality your customers expect.

The Enemies of Draught Beer



Though non-hazardous to human health, the presence of bacteria in beer can negatively affect its appearance, aroma, and taste. The resultant “off-taste” and cloudy appearance, aside from intentional hazy styles, detract from the intended quality of the beverage. Maintaining awareness of these factors is key to ensuring a consistently enjoyable beer-drinking experience.



Exposure to the atmosphere introduces mould into beer, forming a blackish film on faucets, couplers, FOBs, and beer lines. The prevalence of mould build-up underscores the importance of maintaining a sanitised environment. Recognizing the universal aversion to consuming mould, it is essential to prioritize cleanliness to uphold product integrity and meet customer expectations.


Beer Stone

If the system isn’t well-maintained, a grey or brown substance called calcium oxalate can build up and eventually flake off. This can end up in your pint and negatively affect the taste.



Certain bacteria can spoil the taste and smell of beer. Even though these microorganisms aren’t harmful to health, they can create unwanted flavours like buttery diacetyl or sour acetic acid. Keeping a close eye on quality control is key to preventing these off flavours from affecting the beer.


Fending off these beer adversaries is a breeze with regular line cleaning! But, let them run rampant, and you’re headed for dissatisfied customers and a dip in sales. Stay ahead by keeping those lines clean – it’s your secret weapon for happy customers and thriving sales.

How to Stop This Happening to Your Draught Beer


  • Clean your draught lines minimum every two weeks. DWUK has clear and purple cleaners available that will remove the build-up quickly.
  • For effective cleaning, circulate the cleaning chemical through the product line for at least 15 minutes at a velocity of up to two gallons per minute. Avoid soaking product lines, but if recirculation isn’t possible, leave the cleaning solution in-line for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • Take apart and clean all faucets every two weeks. Don’t forget to swap out any worn-out seals or gaskets.
  • Ensure to flush the lines with fresh water following the cleaning process.
  • Consider replacing draught lines if you’ve poured root beer, fruit or pepper-flavoured beers, sour beers, margaritas, or ciders to prevent lasting flavour effects.


It is imperative to utilize personal protective equipment, including eye/face protection and gloves, when handling line-cleaning chemicals. By doing so, you’re not just protecting yourself; you’re ensuring each pint is a masterpiece of appearance, aroma, and flavour.


The meticulous cleaning of lines is fundamental to consistently delivering an optimal appearance, aroma, and flavour experience in every pint. By upholding these standards, your establishment fosters customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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