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Published on April 17, 2023.

Sustainability at the height of all they do. 

Over 140 years ago, the young brewer August Kuentzmann Damm emigrated from Alsace with his wife Melanie, fleeing the Franco-Prussian War. The journey took them to the Mediterranean coast, where they settled to fulfil their dream: to brew beer.


In 1876, they opened their own brewery and created a beer that was adapted to suit the Mediterranean climate. Lighter than central European beers that were designed for colder climates, we know it as Mediterranean lager. Since then, Estrella Damm has been brewed followingthe original 1876 recipe,using only barley malt,rice, and hops.100% natural ingredients,with no additives or preservatives. The quality of these ingredients is their first priority, and that is why they work directly with local Mediterranean farmers. Once selected, the barley arrives at the malthouse, where first it germinates and is then dried and toasted. Unlike many beers, they have their own malthouse, which allows us to monitor the entire process first hand.


The yeast is another ingredient that makes them unique, and they have been using the same strain for many generations. If it were lost or damaged then the taste of Estrella beer would change, and that is why they have three reserves of this yeast stored under the highest security in Barcelona, Valencia and London. Good things require patience, as do the fermentation and maturation of beer. They keep the beer for one week in fermentation tanks and two in maturation tanks. This is how they guarantee a perfect result. Once it is done, they use the latest technology in the bottling process in order to combat the great enemies of a beer’s taste: oxidation and microbiological contamination. Ultimately, in their relentless search for quality they have not only kept the signature brown bottle, but have further darkened it to provide 30% more protection against harmful light than the standard brown bottles, to ensure that you can enjoy the true, pure Mediterranean taste of Estrella Damm.

Bet you didn’t know that Estrella Damm are champions of sustainability? 


They have fully phased out plastic rings from Estrella Damm. As of 1 December 2020, Estrella Damm now exclusively comes with 100% biodegradable cardboard rings. They have also removed the printed plastic from our can packs. Also, as of 1 February 2021, they replaced 100% of the printed plastic in their can packs with cardboard sourced from sustainable and responsibly managed forests. This will allow them to reduce plastic by 99 tonnes per year. 


Their cardboard comes from sustainably and responsibly managed forests. Estrella Damm are partnered with suppliers to ensure the labels and packaging materials are more respectful to the environment. They have also been awarded the PEFC and FSC certifications, which confirm that the cardboard they use has been sourced from sustainably and responsibly managed forests.


5% of their containers are returnable, and 100% are recyclable. They are made of a durable glass that allows us to reuse them many times over. When the bottles are too worn, they are recycled to make new containers. They promote the recycling of all their packaging. As founding members of Ecovidrio, they promote the recycling of their bottles. In 1992, Estrella Damm installed the first can recycling points in Barcelona, and now they have more than 349 recycling points along the Mediterranean coast.


They use 100% natural and locally sourced ingredients to guarantee the quality and origin of raw ingredients so they can make our beer without additives, preservatives or sulphites. They also re-purpose organic waste as animal feed. In 2019, they repurposed 100,000 tonnes of husk and 100% of the by-product of our brewing process as feed for farm animals. 

Estrella Damm also limit water consumption. Over the past 10 years, they have reduced the water consumption at our factories by 34%, and are members of the Community of Users of the Delta del Llobregat to support the saving and rationing of water. They use certified green electrical energy. Since 2014, 100% of the electrical energy they use has a green certificate. This way Estrella Damm can guarantee that all the energy they consume has been provided to the grid from natural and renewable sources. As a result, they have reduced CO2 emissions by 23,000 tonnes per year.


They build in a sustainable way and adapt their buildings to be respectful to the environment, from the initial stages to the use of efficient materials and maximising natural light. They have smart systems for more rational and efficient use of light and air conditioning. And they have also installed LED lights and low-consumption fluorescents. A true commitment dating back to 1999. Estrella Damm have had ISO 14001 certification since 1999, which helps them to identify, prioritise and manage environmental risks in day-to-day operations.

Crisp and light style with aromas of lemongrass, hay, and toasty cracker and roasted sweet corn and orange marmalade on toast . 

Estrella Galicia 0,0 is a non-alcoholic beer, showing bright tones that remind us of the typical colours of many Pilsen beers. The flavour is sweet but not excessively sweet. Strong aromatic balance between the malt and hops and the characteristic bitterness of their beers.

A unique coupage of barley malt and wheat, Estrella Damm Inedit counts coriander, orange peel and liquorice amongst its multi-faceted flavour nuances. Creamy and soft in texture, with an elegant spiciness and delicate carbonation, the length of this beer – like a fine wine – is long, balanced and complex.

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