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Published on November 25, 2022

DWUK's #FinalFridayFaves for November

What have we been loving this month? 

With November coming to a close, it is time to look back at DWUK #FinalFridayFaves plus a few extras we would like to recommend trying during these cold, dark nights.


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All grown up soft drinks with low sugar and low calories with a little extra to support for the immune system. Punchy puts 50% of a daily vitamin D intake into every can to pair perfectly with a balanced diet of vibrant flavours. 

Inspired by smoky, dark spirits, with a bold opener of sweet smoky lapsang and top notes of pine.

Quality, award-winning wines that are produced in Kent. They blend skill, passion, dedication, and a generous dash of joy to create sustainable, rewarding wines that are nurtured from ground to grape to glass. 

An artisanal mezcal from Koch that is made exclusively with Espadin agave and produced using traditional methods. Aromas of sweet smoke, ripe peaches, mint, garden herbs and pineapple fill the nose, complemented by notes of coconut, roses, green herbs, pineapple, cinnamon and white pepper throughout the palate.

This wine is the perfect treat for any festive celebration or treat. Maple Falls Mulled Wine is an aromatic wine infused with the rich flavour of orange, lemon, red berry fruits, and the traditionally festive spice including nutmeg and cinnamon. Try warm to enjoy as a festive favourite treat or cold to add a seasonal festiveness to your cocktail or punch.

Delightful and persistent bubbles in this elegant Italian classic, offering aromatic aromas with flavours of fresh citrus and pear drops, perfectly balanced acidity and body.

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