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Published on March 21st, 2024. 

Harbour Brewing Company - New Products at DWUK

Raise a glass to UK brewed beer!

The Harbour Brewing Company harmonizes a passion for the traditional Cornish lifestyle with a commitment to modern brewing techniques. Drawing from the wealth of resources at their disposal and years of industry experience, they craft solid, well-rounded beers that reflect the ruggedness of their home. Their dedication is evident in every brew, reflecting their pride in their craft and the Cornish region.

Serious about beer… but never too serious


At The Harbour Brewing Company, the quality of their beer is paramount—it’s a matter they take very seriously. However, they also understand the importance of enjoying life to the fullest.


They believe that the experience surrounding their beer is just as significant as the product itself. With the right people, in the right environment, and with dedicated effort, they believe the beer will naturally excel.


Their beer reflects their lifestyle: from the comforting stout enjoyed after a chilly November surf to the refreshing burst of citrus in the Ellensburg IPA at a summer BBQ. They recognize that if the quality of the beer is compromised, the entire experience suffers.


The team feels fortunate to reside in such a remarkable location and they honour their blessings by crafting beers that embody the essence of their surroundings.

Investing in what they do


The brewery has invested in a 30-barrel ABE four-vessel system, boasting twenty-two fermenters, four conditioning tanks, one bottling line, and one canning line, enabling them to produce one can per second.


Furthermore, they have a 5-barrel automated experimental brew kit equipped with four fermenters, two conditioning tanks, three foudres, amphora, and an oak open-top fermenter. They express their dedication to ongoing investment in their future to continually enhance their brewing capabilities and innovations.

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