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Published on May 10, 2023.

Lighter lager – only 116 calories! 

Heineken Silver is a fantastic, light lager that contains no fats or sugars. In fact, it is only 116 kcal per can! It is also vegan-friendly like the rest of the Heineken range. Heineken have used the original recipe and used a uniquely different brewing process, filtering out more proteins and rough-tasting tannins to give an approachable beverage. 

Heineken Silver is a new, premium lager which is brewed at -1°C for a crisp flavour and subtle finish. At 4% ABV, Heineken Silver delivers a balanced profile and smooth taste, we know you will love. Extra-refreshing and great for a summer of sport and sunshine.


Heineken Silver has used ingenuity to brew this beverage with natural ingredients. Heineken’s uses their famous A-yeast and pure malt, as well as sustainably sourced barley that supports Heineken’s wider commitments to Brew a Better World.

At an ice-cold temperature, Heineken Silver achieves an extra refreshing taste as brewing at -1°C gives it a ‘cold haze’ which is then filtered to leave a crystal-clear beer.


Heineken Silver has a smooth and refreshing finish, with a fruity aroma and balanced, bitterness at 4% ABV.


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