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Published on March 20, 2023.

From Pip and Sip.

Inch’s is a cider made for lazy days and summer haze. It’s crisp, it’s juicy and it’s made with 100% British apples because that’s how they feel proper cider should always be done!


There is a journey that all the apples go through to to become an Inch’s cider! When April comes around every year, the Inch’s orchards start flowering, a sure sign that ‘good things are around the corner’. Then in May, the team like to bring in the ‘B-Team’ – hard working bees to spend all month pollinating all the blossom. Summer and autumn pass, where the blossom turns into apples, soaking up the beautiful sunshine throughout the months. The Inch’s team make sure all the apples are well-cared for, doing this with multiple varieties to get the perfect balance of flavour in their cider. 


Once picked, the apples take a quick bath at the mill and are all inspected by the expert team, making sure every apple is how it should be. The apples are then squeezed and the crisp, golden juice is extracted. But do not worry! The leftover apple pulp is turned into green energy as the Inch’s team believes ‘waste not, drink not!’ 

Fermentation is the next step! It takes place for 11 days as the natural sugars all change into alcohol. the, after maturing for 14 days which develops and brings out the unique flavour of Inch’s, the cider is passed through two different filters to create a ‘bright’ cider. It is then blended to ensure the correct ABV of 4.5% is achieved and the cider is consistent every time. 


Inch’s cider is then ready for drinking and enjoying! It is The medium apple cider bring a crisp and tangy refreshing taste that is the perfect balance between sweet and dry. The aroma gives a sweet, red dessert apple hue with a hint of vanilla. 

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