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Published on September 26, 2022

Rebels. Revolutionaries. Renegades.

The team at Jägermeister first learned the rules of their craft before bending them to create things the world has never seen. With the potential of 56 unique ingredients, why not break the rules and combined them all?

Jägermeister’s recipe of 56 botanical ingredients has gone unchanged and still as popular as ever. This bold, rich herbal liqueur is an icon as the varied taste allows consumers to experience all 56 unique flavours in every sip. Curt Mast took on the family vinegar business and decided to go in a very different direction. A few years passed before he perfected the drink; however, it was very worth the wait. With the backdrop of the Lower Saxon town of Wolfenbüttel, steeped in history, surrounded by nature and with Berlin on its doorstep, the drink has a prestigious history to match the location as a hub of arts and science. 

A keen outdoorsman, Curt Mast needed a bottle that would stand up to heavy-duty use. To find the perfect candidate, he dropped different shaped bottles onto his oak floor until one survived. From pragmatic to iconic: more than 80 years on his easily recognizable square-shouldered bottle is still a standout in bars and clubs around the world.


Broad-shouldered, short-necked and deep green. Our iconic original is the same the whole world over.


Look for the green base with the golden crown. Our creator’s signature is also a clue!


The legendary Hubertus stag stands guard proudly over his golden treasury of Oak and Pine.


If it doesn’t have Jägermeister embossed on the side of the bottle, there won’t be Jägermeister inside the bottle.


A dark and rich brown. Unique and unrivaled.


Whether you call it “Jägermeister”, “yay-ger-my-ster”, or just “Jäger”, you’ll find our German name on every bottle.


A timeless poem by Oskar von Riesenthal stays German. It translates to: “This is the hunters’ honour shield, which he protects and looks after his game, Huntsman hunts, as it should be, the Creator in the creatures honours.”


Star anise, citrus and clover; exotic offerings from around the world leap to greet your nostrils.


Every drop of Jägermeister is crafted with passion in our Wolfenbüttel cellars, for that incomparable taste every time. With the secret blend of 56 ingredients dancing on your tongue, nothing comes close.


Our perfectly balanced spirit is a velvety-smooth experience which fills your mouth with delicate flavours. Something only a time-honored tradition can do.

Herbal liqueur made from 56 different herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits f among them star anise, cinnamon bark, ginger roots and herbs. 

Kick into gear. This sublime fusion of two dark, powerful shots will boost your nocturnal activities. Herbal, fresh and bitter with hints of licorice.

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