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Published on May 15, 2023.

Let’s get back to local.

2021 has seen the hospitality industry bounce back, and has also seen more and more customers discovering what is on their doorstep – ‘local’ has never been a more important word, and what could be more local in Kent than fresh Craft Cider? Cider is no longer the ‘fizzy swill’ of yesteryear, with more and more apple growers making their own, and new producers shunning the concentrate-based pints the weary drinker has become accustomed to. 

Kentish Pip started in 2012 and is based at Woolton Farm near Canterbury, where the Mount Family has been growing apples for four generations. The company has come a long way since then, but ‘the journey is far from over’. Their core range includes six different ciders and limited editions are released throughout the year. 


Adding to, or even changing, your draught cider offer will bring new customers through the door as well as improving the experience for your existing cider drinkers. But what about drinking cider with a meal? ‘’The complexity and astonishing wealth of flavours found in thousands of different varieties grown in the UK mean that there really is a cider for every occasion.’’ Sam Mount says. ‘’A personal favourite food-pairing is our High Diver with good quality and fresh Fish and Chips’’. So there you have it, with Spring here and Summer around the corner, time to make sure you’re ready for your local customers demanding local brands like Kentish Pip, with their tree-to-glass production in the heart of the Garden Of England.

For us, Craft Cider is all about creating drinks with skill and passion, using the best local ingredients, but we also bring innovation, style and a pinch of tradition to our work.’

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