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Published on April 3, 2023.

Flavour, experimentation, good times.

Born out of the creative and inspirational beer scene of Brighton, Laine Brew Co beers are an art form in themselves – each one a playful composition of flavour, inventiveness and good times. They’re unfiltered, unpasteurised, uncompromising – and unique.


They create highly individual and authentic craft beer which is accessible to all, and tastes so damn good! The core range is focused on consistent, sessionable beers and supported with some awesome, locally inspired designs (think Brighton Skyline). They also brew short run, specials and collaboration beers at our North Laine Brewhouse. These are limited edition wild, weird and wonderful beers that are all a little bit different but brewed just as lovingly as the core range! 

Word Real Lager

Word up, people.  This is a shout out to the soapbox orators at the Speaker’s Corner that once stood near the People’s Park brewery in Hackney.  If they were still around to taste it, we reckon they’d describe this lager as crisp, balanced and wonderfully refreshing.  Or is that just putting Words in their mouths?

Flavour profile – A real lager, with summer melon and apricots vibe, a hint of spice and beautifully balanced with British malts. A stunningly made crisp British lager.  

ABV – 4.5% 

Vegan friendly!

Hops – Mittlefruh, Perle, Saaz

Mangolicious Pale Ale 

Legend has it that when the North Laine brewhouse ordered an excess of mango, the brewer decided to conduct a crazy experiment – and the result was crazily good.  Now we just needed a name for the perky pale ale he created.  Made from mango, and delicious – hmmm…

Flavour profile – A frivolous, funky & fruity beer, brewed with a blend of the juiciest American Hops & a huge dollop of Mango natural extract (with a splash of passion fruit for good measure). The perfect beer to enjoy in the early summer sun. Or really, at any time of the day…responsibly of course! 

ABV – 4.7% 

Vegan friendly! 

Hops – Cascade, Mandarina Bavaria

Fader Juicy IPA

When the needle hits the dead wax on your favourite vinyl record, you want to spin it again. That’s the inspiration for our Dead Wax Social bar – and for this juicy IPA. With high notes of mango and pineapple against a solid bassline of oats and wheat, Fader is flavour turned up to 11.


Flavour profile – A hazy golden appearance with a smooth malt character, crammed with oats and wheat to give the beer the right body allowing all the hops to shine through, leaving a juicy tropical mango and pineapple citrus finish.  


ABV – 5.1% 

Vegan friendly! 

Hops – El Dorado, Cascade, Chinook and Centennial 

Rippa Pale Ale

The perfect body for the beach – impressively honed and toned with flavours of grapefruit, fresh lemon and pine.  Take in the view from our two pubs along the Brighton seafront, or feel the tingle of the shingle on the beach, as you perform a few bicep curls with Rippa! to buff your own bod.


Flavour profile – Flavours of grapefruit, citrus and pineapple will hit your taste buds from the lavish amount of hops we have packed in to this balanced yet sessionable PA. A real crowd pleaser that will have you exclaim. You Rippa!


ABV – 4.9% 

Vegan friendly! 

Hops – El Dorado, Centennial, Cascade


Source Session Pale

Our first ever beer, from our first ever pub, the famous Mash Tun.  Yes, Source is the sauce that started it all for us. (First come, first served, you might say.)  Drinkable and refreshing, combining citrusy hoppiness with malty happiness, our original brew is for many our optimal brew.


Flavour profile – Packed full of citrus, hoppy flavours and aromas. Balanced with a subtle malt body and generous amounts of hops to provide a slight spicey, pine aroma and flavour. A beer for everyday that is not an everyday beer! 


ABV – 4.1% 

Vegan friendly! 

Hops – Mosaic, Idaho 7, Chinook, Columbus


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