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Published on June 17, 2022

Is Mount Gay Rum more than just rum? Yes. Yes it is. 

Mount Gay Barbados Rum value their heritage; believing that every drop of the past and the present goes into making their rums special. It is a story you can taste in each and every bottle and has become more than just rum in every way. As the oldest commercial rum distillery, they are still wowing customers all over the world. 


Built from the natural elements of Barbados, Mount Gay has been made from water filtered by natural coral, sugar cane and airborne yeast since day one. The traditional process refines the cane into sugar, and then ferments the new mixture into molasses that gives this and other Bajan rums the most essential flavour and look that is sought after all over the world. Distilled in both copper pot stills and column stills, the rum is then aged in oak barrels. 

The Heritage 

Both the original distillery and the landscape was owned by John Sober who inherited the site in 1703. He hired Sir John Gay Alleyne to ‘usher in a new era for the distillery’ as the internationally respected business manager and community leader. And he certainly did just that as he brought innovation and achievement to the small distillery on top of Mount Gilboa in the St. Lucy parish of Barbados. In his honor, the entire distillery was renamed after Alleyne’s death in 1801 by lifetime friend Sober. As Mount Alleyne already existed on the island of Barbados, the company became Mount Gay and the world was reinvigorated by the excellence of their rums. 


Sailing Traditions 

Barbados is often the first landfall for ships following the prevailing trade winds from Europe to the Caribbean. Due to this, their rum is closely associated with sailing, as a popular rum amongst sailors, sponsoring over 110 regatta events all over the world. The island of Barbados is not great for cruising with a sail boat due to the open exposure and lack of calming seas; however, it is loved by sailors everywhere. 

The first drink that Daniel Craig orders as James Bond in his debut film Casino Royale (2006) was not his trademark Vodka Martini, but a Mount Gay Rum with soda water.

Mount Gay Barbados Rum celebrates the tradition and culture of rum. It is the craftmanship with the balance of tradition and innovation that leads the way with these rums. Get the taste of 300 years of tradition.  


If you ever (luckily) find yourself on Barbados, make sure to take a tour in the Mount Gay historic distillery and take in the original landscape and buildings that shaped the brand to what we all love today. With over 300 years of expertise and heritage, this experience will show you the birthplace of rum with an exploration of the grounds, original well and molasses house, the fermentation and distilling house and the aging Bonds. All topped off, of course, with a guided tasting. 

70cl bottle of Mount Gay golden Rum. Distinctive floral and fruity notes of apricot and banana with hints of vanilla.

 A very special Bajan rum, Mount Gay XO is now receiving long-overdue international recognition. Full-flavoured and extremely mellow, with a lingering finish.

Rich, complex yet smooth & rounded. This rum is crafted from a blend of intense & aromatic rums.

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