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Published on August 24, 2022

Australia’s finest coffee culture is available for all. 

Australian coffee history and culture is rich and vibrant, just like Mr. Black. It started in the wake of the Second World War when Italian immigrants started bringing Gaggia’s espresso machines to Australia with them, and revolutionised the coffee industry since it started brewing a smoother and stronger beverage using pressure and creating a thick crema on top. As a result, the Australians weren’t drinking coffee, they were drinking espressos. The coffee culture kept growing as cafes in Australia were making espressos as early as the 1950s. With these newly opened coffee shops attracting Australian bohemians and together with inner-city rejuvenation and gentrification and the high standard of living in Australia, the coffee industry started booming. By the 2000s, numerous independently owned coffee shops developed a competitive scene. Way ahead of the rest of the world.


With 1.3 million coffees sold every day in Australia, the food industry brews around 1.26 billion cups a year, amounting to total coffee sales of more than $3 billion. Australia is not focused on the quantity but the quality and because of this, it is widely believed that Australia has the best coffee in the world. Coffee is a way of life, a daily routine, a culture, a ritual, obsession, aesthetic, experience and community. Mr. Black embodies that culture and inspires people to take their love of coffee into their evening drinks. It’s their mission to make people care as much about coffee liqueur as they do about their morning coffee. By sourcing ethically and producing with integrity, improve communities, and making better drinks along the way.

Mr. Black Roasters & Distillers was founded in 2013 by award-winning distiller Philip Moore and designer Tom Baker. The two shared a common belief that coffee (when done well) is delicious, drinking is a lot of fun and we should put those two things together more often.


Each and every bottle is made by hand at their coffee roastery and distillery just north of Sydney, Australia, sourcing specialty beans from the best growing regions to create complex spirits that are bold, balanced and unapologetically coffee, without compromise or equal.

Producing consistently concentrated cold brew and fine-tuning water composition, temperature and time are lifelong obsessions for both their Head of Coffee, Detlef Mohr, and Master Distiller, Philip Moore, who both believe in creating something great. 

Mr. Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur hails from Australia. There are only two ingredients: Australian grain spirit and Arabica coffee beans from Papua New Guinea, Kenya and El Salvador. Big and bold, but not too bitter and works a treat either on its own with ice, or in an Espresso Martini.


Quality starts at origin. Working with farmers, cooperatives and importers to source ethically cultivated, sustainable coffees. Coffees are brought to the roastery and distillery in Erina, Australia, where they brew Mr. Black slowly, using purified cold water, to retain the delicate and complex flavours of coffee with nothing fake and nothing artificial. Australian wheat vodka and a touch of cane sugar gives Mr. Black a kick, while allowing the coffee to shine. The final brew is a bittersweet masterpiece of big flavour, balanced sweetness and an enduring coffee kick. 

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