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Published on May 8, 2023.

Sustainability from the Scottish hills. 

In 2013, Annabel Thomas exchanged the bustle of London for the idyllic hills of Scotland and established the Nc’nean distillery at her family’s farm. She soon became the founder of one of the most innovative distilleries to join an esteemed collection of scotch distillers. Creating light and delicious spirits that are fresh and curious, Nc’nean Organic Whiskey reflects the team and the distillery itself. Located in a bountiful area, Nc’nean can unearth and handpick bog myrtle, wild thyme, sorrel and heather locally. Intent on pushing the boundaries of an industry of such heritage and prestige, Nc’Nean’s mission began with a series of distillery visits, consulting veterans and renegades of the craft. While appreciating the traditions of whisky and craft spirit distillation, Annabel had an awareness that there was need for innovation and development, wanting to join an esteemed collection of scotch distillers to create her own in the idyllic hills of Glen Coe. They are now officially verified as net zero carbon emissions by Environmental Strategies Limited.

Our name is an abbreviation of neachneohain, known as the queen of spirits in gaelic legend, and our guiding star. She was a huntress, a fierce protector of nature and never afraid to walk her own path. We try to follow this ethos in everything we do.

Sustainability has always been of paramount importance to the team at Nc’Nean, starting from the ingredients that go into each and every batch. The most important ingredient in Nc’Nean products in Scottish barley which is organically sourced and has a 42% lower carbon footprint that average conventional barley. Nc’Nean also sustainably use the plentiful land around them for their botanicals that go into their products. Nc’Nean are certified by the Biodynamic Association who inspect the business every year to ensure all practices are conforming to organic standards.

100% of all operations are powered renewable energy with their two copper pot stills powered solely by their very own biomass boiler using wood chip from the local forest for its power; all the trees that are harvested are also replanted. Nc’Nean have also partnered with Highland Carbon’s sustainable forest planting project to offset the remaining few carbon emissions.  

Water recycling and efficiency is also extremely important in Nc’Nean’s mission to protect nature. They reuse all the water that is used for cooling the vapour in the stills by using a natural cooling pond to cool and keep the water free of chemicals. All the water that goes into the product is sourced from just behind the distillery from a spring, beautifully clean without treatments and chemicals.

Finally, Nc’Nean have done everything they can to have sustainable packaging including making their bottles from 100% post-consumer recycled glass and creating a beautiful design on the bottle so they can be upcycled and reused again and again. The bottle stoppers and tampers are made from a biodegradable, renewably sourced wood pulp and natural cork that can go in compost heaps and food waste bins.


40ml Organic Single Malt Whiskey 

15ml Creme de Menthe 


Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker 

Fill with cubed ice 

Shake hard for 12 seconds 

Fine strain in a chilled cocktail glass


50ml Organic Single Malt Whiskey 

20ml Pear shrub 

100ml Soda water 

Thyme sprig to garnish 



Fill a highball glass with cubed ice 

Add all ingredients 

Gently stir and garnish with thyme sprig


30ml Organic Single Malt Whiskey

30ml Aperol

30ml Ruby grapefruit juice

60ml Lemonade 

Thyme sprig to garnish


Fill a glass with cubed ice

Add all ingredients

Gently stir and garnish with thyme sprig

Smooth and elegant, our whisky is easy-going and delicious however you drink it, with flavours of citrus, peach, apricot and spice.

This humble ingredient is fundamental to making whisky, creating not just alcohol, but also the most interesting flavours in our spirit. 

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