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Published on August 4, 2023.

New Product: Three Cents Sodas

In Defense of Bubbles 

What happens when a graduate of computer science meets an economics and business major, a marketer and a business graduate in a bar? 


A scientific explosion of bubbles! 


As they shared a similar lifestyle and career orientation, they found that they also shared one passion – to mix the perfect drinks. After getting together to discuss ideals and visions, they soon realised that there was a products missing from the bar market and became determined to invent it themselves. They needed to create a product that could balance the ingredients of a cocktail or a long drink while bringing out its flavours and aromas and still maintain its fizziness. They slipped into a fizz crazes frenzy of studying, testing and experimenting to know the ins and outs of carbonation and that all important bubble. 

When creating the sodas, the founders would attend Darcy O’Neill seminars and red books about carbonations such as Fix the Pumps. After doing their research and advanced reading, the journey of bubbles mesmerised them all, especially during the time of the Great Depression when soda bars became at the height of fashion. Soda fountains were invented, based on caronated water with syrup added to enhance the flavour. The plain carbonated water was the cheapest drink anyone could get at two cents, and was therefore called the two Cents Plain. With the syrup, it was three cents and from there the name was born. 

The Three Cents Artisinal Beverage range is a line of premium beverages made from all natural ingredients with no preservatived and no artificial colouring. The carbonated water is made at a very high temperature to ensure long lasting carbonation and flavour. 


Refreshing premium soda crafted from fresh pink grapefruits. Distinguished for its complex and intense aromas, its perfect for an original Paloma. The daily dose of pink and fizziness you need, minus the calories, in one bottle: introducing our Pink Grapefruit Soda ZERO Sugar! A premium soda drink that offers the original recipe’s high quality and supreme taste with ZERO sugar. Best enjoyed chilled on its own, it’s low calories meeting high expectations, embodying all the (grape)fruitiness and freshness you look for in a first-class soda.



Captivating precious almond aroma of the kernels and the floral and fruity notes of wild cherry bark. Complex, sweet, ripe and dry flavours of the fruit in a unique soda drink, ideal for slings, smashes and floats. A true classic, Three Cents Cherry Soda harks back to the cherry syrup used in 1930s soda fountain bars. It is made with almond kernel and wild cherry bark aromas to deliver a sweet, ripe and dry punch as good as it looks. Ideal for slings, smashes and floats, or enjoyed on its own. 



Light and refreshing tonic water made by high quality natural quinine, cucumber, basil and other herbs, spices and citruses from the Greek land. A tonic water so invigorating and sharp that will bring your long drinks and cocktails to life. It captures the flavours of the Mediterranean and are made using natural fruits native to the region, such as bergamot, without any artificial flavours or aromas.

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