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Published on May 12, 2023.

Welcome to lighter spirits!

Do you ever wonder why spirits are so strong? Well, the team at Quarter did and it turns out that no one had really thought about it before! 


Quarter decided to shake up the spirits industry after starting research in late 2020, discovering that when it comes to spirits, the ABV is all or nothing. So, they took the step towards creating the first quarter strength spirits brand. Owners, Fabian and Rohan, both gin and cocktail fanatics, decided to work with the best in the business, including their Chief Distiller, Anthony, to create a G/N that no longer just delivered in alcoholic strength. It would focus on the flavours instead.  

Although the gin guild (which Quarter call ‘busybodies’) claim that gin can only be called that when the ABV is 37.5% or higher. The guys at Quarter decided to prove them wrong. They wanted to show them that by using the exact same production method you could distill and craft the first 12% gin. Quality was paramount so they got to work tinkering in their distillery. 10,000 juniper berries, 1,000 oranges, 100 grapefruit peels and 60 liquids later they did it, delivering all the flavour and experience you’d expect from a full-strength gin, just with a fraction of the alcohol. Distilled and blended in England for that lip-smacking taste to create memorable lower strength gin cocktails. As a London Dry, you won’t be surprised to see the usual suspects of juniper, coriander and angelica featuring in their liquid. However, it is the inclusion of the orange peel, grapefruit peel and sweet orange that makes unique blend so refreshing and delicious!

Quarter also believe that we only have one planet and they want to do their bit to help protect it by not only supporting our environment, but also the ‘awesome people’ that inhabit it. Quarter donate one percent of annual sales to the ‘1% for the planet’ organisation, which is a non-profit that fights to tackle climate change. Through this partnership, they will choose a different charity to support in each Quarter of the year. Charities will be chosen in a different Quarter of the world to ensure we are spreading the love on a global level. 

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