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Published on June 20, 2022

Check out the new tequila on the block. 

With a 22% increase in the global tequila market since 2014 and 65% of UK drinkers consuming tequila in cocktails, there is a high demand of affordable, great tasting and sustainable tequila. Enter El Sueño. From the experience of 5 generations of agave growers and tequila makers, El Sueño is born. 

Two good friends, Paul Hayes and Nav Grewal, shared a love of the Agave-based spirit after more that 16 years of working in Mexico. However, they were shocked about the UK’s poor offering of affordable tequila. Using only the finest highland and lowland Weber Blue agave, they were able to perfect the traditional production methods. This allowed Hayes and Grewal to produce a range of wonderfully smooth spirits that have a great balance of floral yet creamy notes, making this a lovely beverage to be drunk straight or in a cocktail. 


The agave is left to mature fully over 9 years and is only harvested when it is able to give the best syrup. It all comes from known and trusted sources. Using a blend of traditional clay oven, which is called a Hornos, and autoclaves to cook the agave to deliver the perfect taste and finish. The ‘natural spring’ in the centre of the distillery feeds pure volcanic water spring water in to use. By using this in the spirits, they are able to stay clean and crisp. 


El Sueño distillery strives to deliver sustainability for the Agave crops which in turn protects the local wildlife and the overall environment. Tequilas that are not made with 100% agave are termed ‘Mixto Tequila’ – and they get a bad rap. El Sueño embrace this label. Premium Mixto Tequilas like El Sueño ease pressure on agave crop levels, while combining responsibly sourced ingredients with traditional production methods to deliver a sustainable, quality Tequila. Protecting Agave stocks is vital to the natural ecosystems of local pollenating. Mixto Tequilas have a vital part to play in the future of agave spirits. El Sueño also ensure that they operate a 0% waste policy by composting and supporting local farmers and cultivation partners. Nothing goes to waste. 

El Sueño believes that ‘great tequila shouldn’t cost the earth’, yet still honour the heritage of tequila and protect the future of the premium quality spirit.  El Sueño source locally for their ingredients and keep all production processes sustainable by being pro-active. Low in calories, gluten-free and vegan, El Sueño’s eco-conscious production honours the craft and is widely accessible for all. 


Why don’t you try a refreshingly fruity Watermelon Margarita Spritz!



35ml El Sueño Watermelon Liqueur 

200ml Soda, Tonic or Lemonade




Fill a highball glass with cubed ice to the brim. Combine all the ingredients over the ice. Squeeze half a lime over the drink. Garnish with a lime wedge. 


TOP TIP: Using different mixers will give your drink a different flavour and style. Use soda water for a  light, fresh taste. Use tonic water for a fragrant taste. Use lemonade for a sweeter taste.

Beautifully smooth with a delicate floral quality, refreshing citrus and a prickle of pepper.

A wonderfully smooth, floral yet creamy spirits that are perfect neat, with a mixer or in your favourite cocktail.

Subtle floral notes, tropical flavours of pineapple, light caramel and a pinch of pepper.

The resulting Tequila is wonderfully rich and fruity.

El Sueno Tequila Silver meets fresh watermelon fruit. Experience a not-too-sweet fruitiness with a characteristic Agave finish in the first naturally flavoured Tequila liqueurs to the UK market.

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