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Published on September 16, 2022

It all starts with the amazing bumble bee and its English blossom honey.

Honeybell Spiced Rum harnesses the sweetness of English blossom honey from bumble bees and balance this with bittersweet orange. This is pivotal to creating the unique flavour of their spiced rum alongside a careful and conscious distillation method. The use of the original distiller of British rum and their head, heart and tail method ensures they are extracting and bottling only the finest cut of liquid. The heart is where the richest and most flavoursome rum can be found, so that is all they use in their batches, ensuring an unmistakably premium product, with no corners cut in the making process. The meticulous distillation process is complemented by the selection of handpicked botanicals that infuse to create a unique and complex flavour profile. Moving away from traditional spiced rum flavour combinations, they champion sustainably sourced British botanicals to create a rich and smooth palate pleaser. English blossom honey, orange and vanilla pods with emergent notes of cacao and assam tea combine for a spiced rum aimed at changing the narrative of what a spiced rum can be.


50ml Honeybell Spiced Rum
1/2 lime cut into chunks
1 small mandarin cut into chunks
20ml citrus honey syrup (vanilla syrup also works well).


First muddle the citrus into a sturdy Rocks Glass then add the honey syrup and rum ensuring to mix well. Top with crushed ice and churn to ensure all the ingredients are mixed. Garnish with a tea spoon of honey and crushed ice.

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