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Published on July 13, 2022

Music and beer is in the Two Tribes DNA. Find out why.

Collaboration, art, music and beer. Two Tribes was born with these in mind.


Two Tribes is a fearless, independent brewery with a declared modernised process to create small batch beers with an interesting story. The founder, Justin Deighton, started making music in 1989 and became an acid house ‘veteran’ with a lengthy career as a recording artist and running record labels. This heavy influence of music carries through to the heart of Two Tribes. 

It started when I was asked to make a beer for Island Records. Two Tribes is Inspired by collaboration.
That’s where the name comes from – bringing like-minded creatives together through the brewing process.

With their outlandish branding and love of music and food, Two Tribes is channeling these passions into their creations and designs. The name ‘Two Tribes’ came from the passion to work with as many other like-minded creative industries as possible. Utilising and channeling other industries to help the innovation and growth of the company. Two Tribes believes in honouring the beer, food, music and art. The words ‘beer’ and ‘music’ are often thrown around the beer industry by small and large companies alike. However, there are few that ingrain it into their process and beverages. 


Making beer in London alongside 100+ other breweries is tough, there is a lot of competition. They need to be ‘the zebra in a field of horses’ and to do this the focus must be constantly on making the best beer possible. The brew team is led by a talented head brewer who learned his craft at some of London’s leading breweries. The ZIPTech brewhouse gives Two Tribes full control of the brewing process and is used by some of the best brewers around the world.


Since (the first) lockdown, their customer base grew due to the sessionable, modern beers with big flavour. People had more time on their hands to source and research better quality core beer styles and not just seek out the next big and extreme thing.

Interweaving seductive flavours of delicate mango and citrus from a punch of Moasaic and Citra hops. Our award winning pale takes you to where dreams are made.

London is our city and the international hub that welcomes beer drinkers from all over the world. In the city or working from home, have it on the train or from your fridge.

Crisp with a distinct character from the Saaz & Mittelfrueh hops. The flavours are subtly floral, with just the right amount of bitterness to keep you refreshed.

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