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Published on June 22, 2022

Working together to save habitats. 

Did you know that we lose an area of forest the size of a football pitch every two seconds? Did you know that it is predicted that there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050? Did you know that if we fail to act on climate change, 1 in 6 species will go extinct worldwide?


Old Mout have teamed up with WWF to restore nature to its former glory. As a New Zealand brand, they are continuously inspired by the great outdoors and, in turn, it has a massive impact on the cider they produce. The amazing landscapes that surround them allow their ciders to become adventurous and exotic, and that is why they need to keep nature intact and thriving. 


Old Mout have worked hard to save their national icon, the kiwi, from extinction and to helped improve their status from ‘endangered’ too ‘vulnerable’. This determination promises to see the population of kiwis flourish all across New Zealand. Habitat loss doesn’t just affect the kiwi, but is one of the biggest threats to animals around the world. Partnering with WWF allows Old Mout to extend their conservation efforts and protect endangered wildlife from extinction and see to it that nature is restored. 

What have they done so far? 

The ongoing partnership between Old Mout and WWF has already helped support the protection of 500,000 acres of natural habitat around the world. From the sunny savannahs of East Africa to the rapid river basins of China, this partnership is protecting some of the most biodiverse habitats around the world. 


What are they still aiming to do? 

Some of the world’s most wonderful and quirky animals are still in danger and Old Mout want to change this. Often overlooked due to the lack of popularity, habitat loss is still the biggest threat to their existence. In China, the Yangtze Finless Porpoise is lovingly called ‘river pig’ by the locals and faces extinction. In India, the Gharial is in trouble and although it is the cousin of the crocodile, it is far from a man-eater. The Jaguar is the stealthiest top predator of the Amazon and largest cat in Latin America; however, it is vulnerable and needs help to survive. Those three are just the tip of the iceberg in the fight for endangered animals. In the past 20 years alone, over 2000 new species of plants and animals have been identified in the Amazon including a vegetarian piranha, a bronze-legged poison dart frog, a flame-patterned lizard and a monkey that purrs like a cat. It’s also estimated that over 90% of the Amazon’s insects are still unknown. With so much still to discover in the rainforest, and around the world, Old Mout and WWF want to ensure these places are protected before they’re lost forever.

It does not stop there for Old Mout Cider, they are committed to being the UK’s most sustainable cider brand and being completely vegan friendly and gluten-free. All ciders are made with natural flavours with no added colours and packaging that is 100% recyclable. 


What can you do?

If you think this is a cause that you’d like to get involved with, why not join the fight for your world with Old Mout Cider and WWF? There are so many different ways, both big and small, in which you can help to ensure more species and spaces are able to thrive – visit wwf.org.uk to find out how you can make an impact. 

The ingenious pairing of aromatic kiwi and zingy lime. Mixed with cider, these natural partners create a unique combination. 

4% ABV Aroma Kiwi fruit with a citrus edge. Taste Refreshing kiwi fruit character cut with tangy lime. Colour Clear, pale and blonde. Serve Chilled with ice and a wedge of lime.

A marvellous mix of sweet strawberries and fresh juicy apples combined for ultimate refreshment. 4% ABV.  Sweet strawberry aromas with a hint of apple. Delicious burst of strawberry sweetness om the palate, balanced evenly with a crisp apple. Best served chilled with ice and halved strawberries.

A non alcoholic special blend of strawberry and raspberry with notes of blueberry. Finished off with a refreshing burst of juicy apple.

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