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Published on May 29, 2023.

Organic Wine

What is Organic wine?

There is a rise in conscious consumerism that makes customers lean towards positive decisions for the planet, and for themselves, throughout a buying process. It’s time to diversify your current range ready for these customers as an ethical and sustainable alternative to your regular wine list.


Organic wine is, quite simply, produced from organically grown grapes. Vineyards must implement a different set of practices to maintain their vines in an organically sustainable way. However, wine makers must also account for the rest of the wine-making process. This painstaking way of farming and producing may be harder without the use of pesticides and other chemicals; however, organic products are usually more nutrient rich and flavourful due to these methods.

There are multiple pros to organic wines such as lowering the risk of environmental pollution, helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions and supporting pollinators. The main factor, however, is that there are no GMOs or harmful chemicals put onto the grapes. This means that the supporting organically grown wines will help keep harmful pesticides and herbicides out of habitats and oceans across the world.


Label transparency is very minimal on wines, as there is no required ingredient label, placing the consumer in the dark. Consequently, there could be multiple different substances in your drink that you have no idea about. Organic wines can still have additives such as egg whites and animal enzymes, so never assume if a wine is organic that it is also vegan.

The future of organic wine will see a massive increase due to our conscious consumers and will command an increasing share of total wine consumption across the world. Sheridan Coopers Wine would like to present our exclusive SC Organic Wine range to keep up with this rise. We believe that sourcing organic wine is highly important and we want you to join us celebrating organic farming and sustainability.

Aromas & flavours of cherry, blackcurrant & raspberry. a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mouvedre and Merlot is rich, round and smooth. 

Supple ripe strawberry and blackcurrant fruit provides the character, and a warming spicy finish gives personality to this delicious honest red. 

Complex nose of citrus fruit, lemon zest and citrus blossoms along with a hint of tropical fruits, herbs and sweet spices. 


Fresh, delicate, soft, structured with balanced acidity on the palette with a pleasant and persistent aftertaste.

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