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Published on August 8, 2022

Reimagined luxury mixers who are putting the spirit first. 

The London Essence Company has decided to shake up the world of mixers and integrate innovation in their range of tonics and soft drinks. Associated with the England’s capital city, and collaborating with London’s best bartenders, The London Essence Company has created a range of mixers that perfectly accompany any of your favourite spirits. With traditional distillation methods, all drinks are light with a blend of botanicals making every sip a delicately elegant delight. 


In 1896, The London Essence Company began their journey on the bank of the Thames working for leading perfume houses at the time. Drawing inspiration and knowledge from these roots and continuing this tradition, Ounal Bailey and Jonathon Gatward developed the range in close partnership with premium gin makers, master blenders, top bartenders and renown drink consultants to bring the company into the 21st century. Bailey explains that they “felt there was an absolute opportunity to create a mixer that would genuinely flatter botanical spirits, without masking their complex flavour profiles.” They believed in putting the spirit first, allowing it to be the star when mixed with their range, not wishing to forget their place when being added to a drink. 

The entire collection is low in calories (no more that 20 calories per 100ml) with naturally sourced sweetness making the drinks delicately refreshing with a sophisticated flavour profile that flatters any palate. All the distinct notes and flavour profiles allow any spirit partner to shine through as they are carefully crafted to match up to the myriad of different premium spirits that are available in today’s market. 


The combined knowledge of layering ingredients and the science of distillation, the natural flavours become unmatched in the depth and complexity. Tonic, gingers and sodas with a contemporary edge, accentuated by great heritage and expert modernised production. 

We have always set out to skillfully blend they past with the needs of today, and continually review the breadth of our range to meet consumer demand... perfectly capturing the essence of the diverse melting pit of London - elegant, refreshing and easily accommodating for drinkers

We’ve used our signature flavour layering technique to compose this elegant crafted soda, with juice sourced from white peaches, picked at their ripest and a jasmine blossom distillate for an aromatic floral top note.

Brimming with fragrant flavour and the added trademark bitterness of quinine, this tonic is light and low-calorie, for an aperitif that’s almost completely guilt-free.

Refreshingly light and tropical, with a subtle sweetness, our Roasted Pineapple Crafted Soda is instantly uplifting.

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