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Published on June 6, 2023.

Time to take a stand.

Shake Baby Shake are a female-led business, creating the coolest cocktails from the hottest bars and serving them in convenient ready-to-drink cans, perfect for today’s busy go-getters! Shake Baby Shake offer a cocktail for every occasion, whether hitting the pub garden or for events, perfect for businesses not already offering a cocktail menu!

In 2018, they started shaking up the cocktail game, bringing the boldest trends and the most delicious drinks together in a convinent, on-the-go, sleek 250ml cans. All flavours are smooth, non-carbonated drinks, made with natural fruit juices and flavours that brings the sophisticated taste of authentic-tasting mixologist-made bar serves. These easy-drinking beverages and animal-print cans make the Shake Baby Shake cocktails not only delicious, but the ideal accessory for the ‘gram too as they embrace the premium trends in the can designs. The cans aren’t just designed to have shelf appeal and attract customer eyes, but they are also drinks you can be proud to share on social media.

Empowered women, empower women – and that’s what the women at Shake Baby Shake strive to do throughout their business. They are a community of ambitious and driven women who also focus on supporting other women with their passions and businesses. With their ‘Go-Getter’ campaign, they have built a community where women can lift each other up and shine a light on people who have started their own businesses or taken a leap of faith to pursue their unique talents and share their inspiring stories.


Shake Baby Shake are making waves and this is just the beginning…

The original and iconic Passion Fruit Martini offers a silky-smooth mix of passion fruit juice and natural flavourings shaken with fruit alcohol and vodka to create a statement cocktail with a fruity hit.

The Raspberry Mojito captures the sophisticated taste of the classic cocktail with a fruity twist. Offering a juicy mix of raspberries with lime, mint and white rum for a cool and sweet hit.

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