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Published on May 24, 2023.

Summer Beer Trends for 2023

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What is better than a chilled, crisp lager on a sunny afternoon? Nothing. Which is why lager is finally having the comeback it deserves, with a massive surge throughout the summer months as temperatures begin to soar. More and more breweries are embracing all kinds of lager styles such as Helles and Pilsners. These easy-drinking, session beverages will continue their slow rise in popularity, especially the lighter lagers that easily pair with many foods.


It’s the year of Czech lager! This year will see Czech lager having a comeback among consumer preferences. It has seen a massive influx of awards and mentions throughout the beer community, winning in ‘best beer’ and ‘best brewery’ categories in 2022. Czech’s active brewing companies has nearly doubled since 2015, demonstrating their willingness for innovation and the demand for supply. However, Belgium beer also is not far behind with their complex and robust beers being reinvigorated after centuries of tradition. Be on the lookout for how these countries tackle the summer months.

We are ‘in the thick of a beer renaissance’; therefore, 2023 will see a drive in the creative development of new styles such as gluten-free and low calorie beers, still keeping the same mouthfeel, aroma and natural flavours of classic beers. There has been an urgent need for health and allergy-conscious research and development in beers, with the market massively expanding in the last 5 years, and breweries are finally taking on the challenge. There will also be a rise in new quirky, crossover creations and seasonal beverages. These include flavours such as classic cocktails like margaritas, bizarre beer collaborations with foods such as donuts and pickles and even floral flavours for the summer.

The global pandemic sparked a sober-curious movement which fuelled the demand for non-alcoholic beer which continues growth. Companies are still investing huge sums of money in creating great alternatives that no longer compromise in flavour for your sober customers. Master Brewer, Mike Gerhart, explains that the technology is finally catching up with non-alcoholic beers with ‘more and more literature is available on techniques as consumers continue to demand non-alcoholic beer that actually tastes like craft beer. I feel as though we will see more market entries and competition will be tighter as this segment takes hold and gains momentum’.

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