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Published on August 22, 2022

The grapefruit aperitif that packs a punch. 

So, what is an aperitif? 

An aperitif is a pre-dinner drink. it is a way to prepare yourself for the meal ahead by stimulating the appetite. Aperitifs are typically dry and low in alcohol, designed to stoke your hunger without dulling the palate. There is no hard and fast rule as to what alcoholic drink should be served as an aperitif, though some European regions are more partial to certain beverages than others. Common choices typically consist of fortified wines like dry vermouth or lillet blanc, sparkling wine such as champagne, and other spirit-based alcoholic beverages. 

Aperitifs are best served chilled and in modest amounts as soon as guests arrive, often accompanying starters such as olives, nuts, cheese, quiche and slightly heartier hors d’oeuvres. But an aperitif also serves an important social purpose – it provides an opportunity for dinner guests to chat and mingle as they ease into the evening, while composing their stomach for the dinner party ahead. 

Star Ruby Red grapefruits are handpicked on the idyllic island of Corsica, on the coast of South of France. They are star of Pamelle’s aperitif story. Giving a distinctive colour, bitter-sweet taste and serving versatility with full adaptability, low sugar and mixability which lends itself to the designation of a world class aperitif. Pampelle is an everyday uplifting experience, wonderful for winding down and savouring the moment with a large wine glass pour of ruby red bittersweet essences.

When the grapefruits are at the factory, they are halved and macerated at length until full extraction occurs. This enhances the natural citrus aromas, fresh peels are macerated and distilled in copper. They are then infused with the highest quality citrus peels, sourced from around the world including dried Yuzu, Cedrat and Bigarade. It is blended with botanicals such as Cinchona tree bark quinine, natural Gentian bitters and our signature Eau-de-Vie, made from grapes that have been fermented and distilled through column stills. Pampelle is refined on the banks of the River Charente in the Cognac region of France where every bottle is stamped with the seal of a Damselfly, a protected native species.Pampelle is naturally lower in sugar and best enjoyed chilled.

The result, an artisanal infusion of bitter-sweet citrus, natural botanicals and Eau de Vie. A sweetly bitter disposition approaching the floral brightness of a Vermouth Blanc, and perfect for cocktails all the same. A complex yet deeply refreshing aperitif, served simply for L’Apero. For a ruby red grapefruit aperitif, an artisanal infusion of natural botanicals and bright citrus flavours that mixes seamlessly into a diversity of delicious recipes, help yourself to this decadent grapefruit liqueur. Served from the bottle or from a highball with citrus peels as your tall glass garnish, a Pampelle grapefruit aperitif boasts an exceptional universality.

Created by an infusion of citrus peels, natural botanicals & Eau de Vie. Tart yet sweet ,made from red ruby grapefruit.

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