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Published on August 7, 2023.

5 questions with Thatcher’s!

Thatchers Cider is well-known as a ‘cider making family’ that has been lovingly crafting cider for four generations on Myrtle Farm with over 118 years of expertise on their side. We spoke to the Head Cider Maker at Thatchers, Richard Johnson, and asked him 5 important questions about the company and their values when creating their fantastic beverages.

Question 1 – What does a day at Thatchers look like?

Every day is different, and that’s one of the great joys of being a cider maker. From walking through the orchards where we grow our apples; making our cider; to researching and innovating with the creation of new styles.


Question 2 – What motivates and inspires Thatchers to continue creating and inventing excellent drinks?

The Thatcher family has been making cider here at Myrtle Farm since 1904 – that’s four generations, and, in fact, our fifth generation are now working in the business too. And to think that the family has been perfecting its craft here, at the very same Somerset farm, over all that time, is so inspiring.


Question 3 – What do you do differently than other cider brands?

It’s, without doubt, the dedication to taste and to quality of each and every cider that is made at Myrtle Farm. No cider leaves the Farm until it is perfect – from our flagship Thatchers Gold, our cloudy Haze, to our brand new Blood Orange, it’s important that we create ciders that people enjoy, and want to drink.

Question 4 – How could Thatchers potentially change the cider industry?

The cider market needs to be an exciting place, cider drinkers are always looking for something new and interesting. Our most recent Thatchers Fusion has been a game changer in pubs and bars. A Three in One font that serves three amazing fruit ciders – Cloudy Lemon, Blood Orangeand Dark Berry – creates theatre and intrigue as the cider and flavour hit the glass as one when dispensed.


Question 5 – What are the aspirations for Thatchers future?

We just love making cider, and seeing our customers enjoy our range – whether that’s a new fruit cider, a traditional apple cider, or indeed alcohol-free Zero. So we’ll always be keeping our eye on new trends, on what consumers are asking for, and importantly using our expertise gained over four generations to keep on doing what we do, and that’s creating really good tasting, refreshing ciders

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